Sunday, July 13, 2014

how would you like to win 200 nail polishes?!

Not all giveaways are created equal... And this one from my favorite peeps at Nail Polish Canada may seriously grow to be one of the biggest!

Here's how it works:
- The prize started at zero
- Bloggers get to post about the contest and nominate any polish to be added to the prize
- Each blog gets a personal entry form (so you can enter on every participating blog!)
- The prize can keep growing and growing up to 200 shades (the more blogs that participate the bigger the giveaway gets!)

Can you even guess which polish I nominated...

Duh. Siren Song.

You can click here to see the official giveaway page, or click here if you want to participate on your blog and nominate another polish! Let's get this thing going! Big shout out to Picture Polish, Cirque and NCLA for stepping up and sponsoring the most polishes.

Please enter using my Rafflecopter form below! Good luck!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

june haul 2014

How did I do this month with my polish addiction? Let's find out!

You all probably already saw this one, so I'll start here.
OPI - Black Spotted (x2... just because)

Also at Winners I picked up a mini set from Orly, and some Nail Rock glitter thing, and another one of those weird-named mystery OPI polishes (for investigational purposes, obvi.)
Orly - Hot Tropics
Orly - Tropical Pop
Orly - Saturated 
Orly - Ablaze 
OPI - I don't Speak Meek!  

I noticed that some drugstores were clearancing what was left of the Color Club collections they had brought in. I scored most of the Harlem Lights and Girl About Town collections for $1.50 a piece! (But now I need to find the other four...)
Color Club - Savoy Nights
Color Club - Apollo Star
Color Club - Poetic Hues 
Color Club - Lady Holiday 
Color Club - Williamsburg 
Color Club - Silver Lake  
Color Club - Baldwin Blues
Color Club - Pearl District  

Also got some Essie polishes for $1.25-$3! Some were randoms from the drugstore and I actually found last year's summer collection Naughty Nauticals (which is probably my fave Essie collection) at Dollarama! So I grabbed the last one that I didn't already have.
Essie - Sunday Funday
Essie - Dive Bar
Essie - Mink Muffs 
Essie - Sew Psyched 
Essie - Vested Interest 

Aaaand more clearance:
Nicole by OPI - I'm A Pool for Love ($2.27)
Ruby Wing - Green Peace ($2.50)
Maybelline - Pink Splatter ($1.25)
OPI - I Just Can't Cope-acabana ($1.50)
OPI - Girls Love Diamonds ($2.50)
LA Splash - Mystique ($1.75)

I heard good things about the Maybelline Bleached Neons so I grabbed a couple for 40% off at the drugstore (therefore $3 each.)
Maybelline - Coral Heat
Maybelline - Pink Punch
Maybelline - Ultra Violet 

Aaaaand finally, one Zoya from the pro store and two things from Nail Polish Canada.
Zoya - Binx
Picture Polish - Color Storm
Models Own - Sweet Candy

That's a grand total of 32. More than usual for me lately! But there were just too many good clearance deals to pass up. I spent like 2 hours today trying to reorganize my polish for the millionth time and put it all away. But it's sooooo hard... I just wanna have it all out and look at it! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Lacquer Legion: On Holiday

This month, us fine folks at The Lacquer Legion decided to use summer vacation as inspiration and take our nails on holiday.
This theme can be interpreted so many ways because everyone has a favorite way to kick back and relax while on holiday (or maybe not relax and just shop,) so I am looking forward to seeing all the nails today!

I recently picked up a mini set of Orly's summer collection, Baked, and the colors were already arranged in a perfect sunset gradient and I just had to translate it onto my nails ASAP. Bonus points for it coincidentally being at the right time for this LL prompt!

The four colors in the set are: 
Orly - Tropical Pop (yellow)
Orly - Ablaze (orange)
Orly - Hot Tropics (fuchsia)
Orly - Saturated (purple)

The two middle colors have a really heavy gold shimmer that was a bit of a pain to deal with in the gradient because if you dabbed too much, all the shimmer would come to the surface and overpower the gradient. It took more effort than I am used to to get the perfect effect, but I worked it out! 

I decided that I wanted to add the sunglasses stamp from Cheeky CH37 to make it a bit different from a typical sunset-and-palm-tree mani. Buuuut I also had to add a palm tree just because. It was too pretty not to.

I freehanded the lil' tree with acrylic paint and a super small brush.

Hope you guys like this mani! Can't wait to go stalk Instagram and Facebook for all the great manicures from you lovely folks. Don't forget to use the hashtag #LLonholiday so everyone can see your masterpieces! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

copycat polka dots

Sometimes my bestie Chalkboard Nails will post a mani and I'm like "BRB doing it now." That happened recently when she posted these awesome jelly gradient polka dot nails!
I hunted for a dupe for the blue she used, pulled out the same purple, and away I went!

I love how it turned out! And it's ridiculously easy to do gradients with jelly polishes. You just keep layering it to build color towards the tip. Once you add topcoat, it's practically seamless. I've previously done it a whole bunch of times including here with a little tutorial, and here and also here.

The blue base is Color Club - Bright Night.
The purple jelly is the appropriately named China Glaze - Are You Jelly?
My go-to white for stuff like this is Color Club - French Tip

My stupid camera is giving me mad grief lately and I couldn't get it to really take a warm enough photo (and I don't have Photoshop on this computer) but the above photo from my iPhone shows the colors much more accurately! The jewel tones really go great together and the polka dot pop makes it even better.

Do you often see a picture of a manicure and feel the intense burning desire to create it instantly? Let me know which manicures had you running to grab your polishes and start a masterpiece!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

spotted at winners - OPI Black Spotted!

Hey everyone! I've been in a bit of a nail-rut for the last 3 weeks, barely even painted my nails. But it's turning around... Especially with the stroke of luck I had at Winners last night!

Of course when I peruse the polish section at Winners, I obsessively read all the labels. I saw a bunch of black bottles and I was like, "Oh look a bunch of Black Onyx." But I picked it up anyway... And to my HUGE surprise, it was the elusive Black Spotted!
If you're not already familiar with this polish, it was released 2 years ago with their Spiderman collection, but only in France. What?! They deprived the rest of us because I believe it was not FDA approved, or whatever. Anyway. People on this side of the pond were paying obscene amounts of money to get their hands on it. I didn't bother to hunt it down, but I was curious to try it. And then I stumble upon it for $7.99 at Winners?! YES PLEASE. (The only downside being that they had none of the little Spotted hang tags on the bottles... But that's just my polish OCD complaining.)

Basically I've been dying to post about this all day since I did my mani with it this morning but I was working! Now's the time!

OPI - Black Spotted (over China Glaze - Too Yacht To Handle)
As with other special effects polishes like shatter etc, you apply this over dry polish, and it works its magic instantly. I hear it can be a bit finicky to get the look you want, but I was really stoked with how it came out on the first try!

You need to apply a seriously thin amount, it should feel like you're not even going to get any on there at all. Swipe quickly, and then it applies perfectly! It is a little annoying to get off your cuticles, so try and apply it nicely.

I had previously tried the "bubbly" effect polishes from Layla and could not get any sort of effect at all. I'm not sure if I had bad bottles of those or what, but I'm so happy this one isn't a dud!

It is a really different look, and I'm diggin' it. Should I do a giveaway for one of these bad boys? Or has everyone who wanted this pretty much got it? Hooray for Winners! (And for those of you in the US, try your TJ Maxx stores, because they are the same company.)