Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dance Legend Smoky Collection - Cetraria, Grey Britain, & Moorland

Moooore Dance Legend! Today's polishes are a bit more plain than the ones before, but sometimes those can be the best.

These polishes are all light shades with a smoky pigment running through them. I can honestly say that I don't have anything else quite like them!

Dance Legend - Cetraria
Smoky teal! What a different color. Into it. Two coats.

Dance Legend - Grey Britain
Cute name, I see what you did there! Love this soft gray. Two coats. 

Dance Legend - Moorland
This one's my fave! I love smokey purples and this definitely fits the bill. Two coats.

I gotta say I am loving the look of these polishes. Like I said, they're totally unlike anything else I own, and I really love the greyed out smokey look.

These polishes retail for $9 and you can find them here on the Dance Legend website or here on Llarowe, as well as at other stockists.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dance Legend Galaxy Collection - Milky Way, Solar Eclipse, & Pulsar

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! Why is it a happy Tuesday? Because I'm going to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. Aww yeahhhh. Hopefully your day is starting out as swell as mine.

I'm gonna keep these Dance Legend posts going with some multichrome polishes!

These polishes are so complex, they show so many colors, plus there's that added holo sparkle. It takes some effort to try and photograph these babies! I've included some flash photos to better show the sparkle, and some natural lighting photos to better show the color shift.

I did not need to layer these over black, they were opaque enough on their own in three thin coats. Thank you polish gods. Because nothing makes me madder than doing multiple swatches over black. Think of that mess!!

Dance Legend - Milky Way
Dayuuum, that color shift tho! This one is so amazing, I had to start with the real knockout. I can't stop looking at those photos! Describing this type of polish is so hard, I will just let the photos do the talking. The purple-blue shifts are always my fave.

Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse
This one goes more towards the brown-green color shift which is not really my thing, but the polish is still stunning especially for those who like to wear these colors!

Dance Legend - Pulsar
Whoops, forgot to take a "butt pic" of this one! Haha. I don't think I've had a polish with this color shift before! I suppose it's like a blue-red.

These polishes are all fabulous for those multichrome addicts out there! The color shift is phenomenal and I love the added sparkle, which really makes them more wearable for me because I don't really just wear duochromes or multichromes on their own. But with that sparkle? Yup!
As I said at the beginning, the formula is nice because you don't need to wear undie-polish. And they practically apply themselves - not runny or streaky or hard to deal with at all like some multichrome polishes can be.

These polishes retail for $8 (or $13 for the bigger bottle) and you can find them here on the Dance Legend website or here on Llarowe.
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

july haul 2014

Another month, another haul. I actually just looked at my phone and said "CRAP I forgot it's already August?!"
Clearly I am not good at keeping track of days in summer. Every day is Friday, right?

I can't even remember what polishes I bought this month. Lemme go check my Instagram and see.

My wonderful pal and occasional polish hookup Lori from Spectraflair4u sent me these adorable Frozen-themed polishes from Funky Fingers!
Funky Fingers - Olaf 
Funky Fingers - Anna 
Funky Fingers - Elsa 

I had a small Urban Decay haul a few months ago when they had a bunch of stuff on sale, and it was living with my American mailbox aka the amazing Jini from MakeUpMom123 until this month. It included a polish of course. Buy ALL the Urban Decay polishes!! (Now I NEED the new Pulp Fiction one because I have all the others.)
Urban Decay - Blackheart 

I found two more Color Club polishes to finish off those collections that were on clearance at local drugstores. I have one more on the way from NPC and then all I have left to score is East Austin... Anyone have a spare? ;)
Color Club - Sugar Rays
Color Club - The Uptown

I went on a lil' trip to see my bestie Emma in New Brunswick, and believe it or not I only bought ONE polish even though we went shopping in Maine for two days. You should just SEE all my resistance right meow. (But I make no excuses for the expensive makeup I may or may not have purchased...)
OPI - Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! ($2.50 on clearance at Ulta)

I got a couple new OPI Neons at Sally's, plus one from the baseball collection that was on sale.
OPI - Push & Pur-pull 
OPI - Hotter Than You Pink
OPI - 7th Inning Strrretch 

Aaaand last but certainly not least...

I got a whole mess of polishes from Dance Legend. 18 to be exact. I won't list them all here because that will take me too much time to remember them all, but I've already posted some here and here, and there is plenty more to come!

That's a grand total of 28, but really I only bought ten so no biggie. And most of those were cheap! July was a success. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dance Legend Anna Gorelova Collection - Lebedushka, Vodyanoy, & Chudo-Udo

Hey guys! More Dance Legend for you this evening!

Anna Gorelova is a great polish blogger from Russia, and I believe she was the first person to start swatching DL polishes and making us all fall in LUVVV. So it makes sense that together with Dance Legend she released her own collection!

It's hard to see because of the dark colors, but check out the cute owl on the bottle! I like that these have a completely different bottle than the usual Dance Legend polishes because it totally sets them apart and makes them all her own!

I picked two flakie shades and a textured one and lemme tell you, they are gorgey.

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend - Lebedushka
Light blue with golden shimmer! So delicate and pretty. 3 coats for full coverage.
This is a textured polish, but not quite as textured as most. The shimmer did make it hard to capture the textured look in photos. One coat of topcoat does even it out, if you'd prefer to wear it that way!

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend - Vodyanoy
This is straight up gorgeousness! Check out all those flakies! You need to do three coats for full coverage but that ends up creating this depth between the flakies which is so beautiful. In love with this polish!

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend - Chudo-Udo
Check out that awesome purple hue! I can't decide if this or the blue is my favorite. Again you need three coats to build the jelly base but that adds so much depth. I have visible nail line in photos but that wasn't noticeable in person.

These and all the rest of the polishes from Anna Gorelova are so different and complex, they make great additions to any collection no matter how big. Great job Anna!

These polishes retail for $10 and you can find them here on the Dance Legend website or here on Llarowe.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dance Legend Wow Prism Collection - Holy Diver, Beautiful Lie, & Through The Glass

The fiiiine fine folks at Dance Legend recently sent me a whole pile of their pretties to review, and the package was waiting for me when I came home from my mini-vacation to see my bestie in New Brunswick. I pretty much instantly had to have a swatching marathon, so I'm gonna be posting their polishes all week!

I'm starting out with the super sparkly and amazing Wow Prism spring collection! I have three of them for your viewing pleasure.

The Wow Prisms are super sparkly holographic polishes. They have a really large-particle holographic pigment which makes them look so darn glittery without actually being glitter polishes (and therefore they aren't difficult to remove.)
I did three coats for each of the polishes. I did find the teal and blue to be a bit staining so be sure to wear base coat!

Dance Legend - Holy Diver
This polish has got to be one of the prettiest ever! I am obsessed with it. It's such a gorgeous shade of teal and the holographic effect could have you staring for hours! I am putting this baby on my toes next time I'm due for a pedi change.

Dance Legend - Beautiful Lie
Beautiful is definitely appropriate for the name. Dayummmmm. Such sparkle. Many holo. Wow. 

Dance Legend - Through The Glass
This is another knockout, obviously. Be still my blue-loving heart.


Pretty sure you can do no wrong with these Wow Prism polishes! They're all so purrrrfect, with a good formula and an amazing sparkly holo finish. I wanna get the rest of the collection!!

You can find these polishes here on the Dance Legend website or here on Llarowe.
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