Monday, September 22, 2014

31DC2014: Day 22

Heeeey! Get ready - this is gonna be a good one.
I was really worried that nothing could come close to last year's Inspired by a Song post with The Thong Song nails (clearly I was ahead of the times with the booty nails last year) so I kept the booty theme going and went for... Anaconda!

I'm sure you're all familiar with Anaconda and the performance at the VMAs! I was totally loving the green sparkly snakeskin outfit and I had to recreate it on my nails.
I actually did these on like the 3rd of September because I was going to use them for the green theme, but then I just had to save them for today. I have been holding them in since then. It's been hard.

They started with a base of China Glaze - Exotic Encounters.
I randomly applied green glitter all over the place with China Glaze - This Is Tree-mendous (lol) and China Glaze - Emerald Sparkled.
The snakeskin stamp is from Bundle Monster plate BM-215 and I first stamped it using Color Club - Perfect Mol-Ten but it wasn't as visible as I wanted, so I added some more in scattered areas with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Lickety-Split Lime and that totally made the effect I wanted.

Guhhhhhh I just love how they turned out! I was so mad when I had to take them off after just a few hours.

What do you guys think? Did I capture the look? Green sparkly nails are always my fave, I'll be doing these again as a full mani and wearing them for like a week. For sure. As soon as the challenge is over.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

31DC2014: Day 21

We are into the third and final section of the 31 Day Challenge! Lemme tell you, I love when it gets to the final stretch but it also brings some of the most challenging days. It's good and bad. Haha!

Today's theme is Inspired by a Color. I always choose a polish color (and usually name) to take inspiration from, because we all know that polishes can have some fun and/or weird names.

I read through basically all of my polish spreadsheet to find a name and mani idea, and here's what came to me.

Butter London - Cake Hole
I know a cake hole is technically your mouth, but donuts are basically little cakes with holes. A cake hole. So I did donut nails!

The base color is China Glaze - Something Sweet which is appropriate because donuts are sweet. The dough color is OPI - San Tan-Tonio, the icing is the aforementioned Cake Hole, and I did the sprinkles with acrylic paint.

I'm really liking these! I wanna do them again with more colors. What do you guys think?

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

31DC2014: Day 20

Hi. I can't watermarble. Bye.

We are only getting one picture of this failure. Man... I tried so hard. I just don't have the energy to try another manicure because I'm not feeling the best and this bummed me out enough already!
I used Color Club - Edie & Color Club - Mrs. Robinson over a white base. I glittered one nail with Shimmer Polish - Linna to save myself from having to do another nail.

How typical that this fail comes after my two best manis of the challenge (and probably ever.)
I would now like to call upon a Supernatural reference to sum up my feelings for today:

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Friday, September 19, 2014

31DC2014: Day 19

Hey everyone! Today's theme is a good one - galaxy naaaaaails!
I was actually not excited to do these nails because I was thinking it would take me forever and I wasn't even sure what I wanted them to look like. But I sat down and started... And quickly wound up with this masterpiece, if I do say so myself!

This all started with a plain black base. OPI - Black Onyx, to be exact.
I began sponging different colors randomly over the base to create different nebula-ish patterns.
I find it best if you alternate between creme shades and shimmers because they both give very different effects to help bring the whole thing together with the different textures. I used:
OPI - Do You Lilac It? (purple)
Color Club - Peppermint Twist (pink)
China Glaze - Splish Splash (blue)
China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise (green)

Adding the stars was definitely the best part of the process. I was going to just paint some on and then I suddenly had the idea to go grab my toothbrush and splatter paint that shiz! (Obviously you wanna use an old toothbrush and not the one you're gonna use on your teeth.)
I dipped it in white acrylic paint and with a glove on my hand, pulled back against the bristles to let the splattering begin. It actually was pretty tidy and didn't make a big mess, but made the bestttttt tiny little galaxy on my nails!
I added a few bigger stars with a tiny brush as well.

I actually liked this manicure best without topcoat, but I included the next pic with topcoat, just because.

I'm obsessedddddd with these. What do you guys think? I'm trying to wear them for as long as possible before I have to do tomorrow's nails. Haha!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

31DC2014: Day 18

Here's a fun fact about me: I am afraid of the moon. It creeps me out!!
However, I am not afraid of today's theme - Half Moon Mani!

Sometimes I feel like challenging myself and today was one of those times. I saw Pink & Polished's take on today's prompt and the outline looked so coool, and it reminded me of those hot swimsuits and bras that are like pastel colors with black trim. So I decided to go for that look!

I started with China Glaze - Lotus Begin as my base color. It was a bit difficult to deal with and kinda runny. It needed three coats for coverage which didn't make me happy but it did dry quick.
I used a small detail brush to do the outlines with black acrylic paint. It took a lot of patience and a steady hand but I am really pleased with how I did!

What do you guys think?
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