Thursday, May 16, 2013

China Glaze Fairy Dust vs. OPI Yule Love This Silver

A reader (Miss Intensity Nails, to be exact) commented on my last post, asking if I could shed some light on the difference between China Glaze - Fairy Dust and OPI - Yule Love This Silver.
The two bottles were nearby so instead of just telling her, I thought I would show her!

(Posted this nice bottle shot on my Instagram.)

These are both clear holographic topcoats with very fine silver holo glitter. What's the difference?

One is much more dense than the other. That's the OPI on the left and CG on the right.
Yule Love This Silver is more glitter-packed than Fairy Dust.

Shown is just one coat of each over the color I was already sportin', China Glaze - Shell-O from the new Sunsational collection for summer. I bought all 12 of those babies and I can't wait to show them all off to you guys!

Probably a neon wasn't the best color to do this comparison on, but hey, work with what ya got.
Both these topcoats are very sparkly and add that extra oomph to any mani, but I prefer the OPI just because it has more glitter and is more sparkly!
But the CG is nice for when you're looking for a more subtle touch of glitter.

I hope this comparison did the trick :)


  1. Thanks for this comparison!!! I was trying to convince myself I didn't need the OPI since I have Fairy Dust, but after this post...I must get the OPI! So excited (yet bashful) that you mentioned me at the beginning of your post; it made my day!

  2. Thanks for the comparison :) I definitely think I need the OPI haha

  3. they look cute together :) But I think I'll be fine with fairy dust - and NOPI Make a comet-ment, which is soooooo different :)

  4. I prefer CG, I think because it's a "touch" of sparkle. But awesome comparison - and any glitter is good glitter. But holo glitter is holy glitter! ;]

  5. Random, But I didn't know where else to comment have you had a chance to try vinylux by CND topcoat or polishes yet?:)

    1. nope! haven't heard of them. nowhere here sells CND anymore :(

  6. awesome! and you could just use another coat or more of Fairy Dust to get that much glitter.

    I need to find a topcoat that plays nicer with the China Glaze polishes, the one I have causes so much shrinkage and cracks in my polish.


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