Saturday, July 20, 2013

#NicoleNight was a raging success!

If you read my blog post yesterday or follow me on FB/IG/TW, you definitely heard about #NicoleNight! We had a blast.

The lovely people at Nicole by OPI Canada asked Kayla Shevonne to host a night of polish, pizza, and a poker game with a polish prize! It was such a cool idea and I would be willing to attend a night like that every week. Haha!
There's not much better than getting to be super nerdy about nail polish with some other like-minded girls while also stuffing your faces with pizza, chips, and candy...

I am going to retell the story through Instagram photos.

Kayla had the poker table set and the prize ready to go...
And what's a party without an AMAZING cake by Kayla's friend Michelle?

And then there was pizza... So much pizza...

And I made these little treats. Not sure what they're called, but basically you melt Hershey's Kisses onto waffle-pretzels and smush M&M's into the top. They're delish.

Just look at all the nail mail Kayla got with our mani supplies and the poker prize! Jelly.

So she set up the nail table with all the pretties.

And we got to work. This is me painting Melissa's nails.

I did my own nails and had some time to make a cool Instagram photo while the other girls were painting their nails! (I'll have more details on my manicure at the end of the post.)

Kayla's nails were looking pretty fly as always.

And Kelsie's too of course.

Kayla's hedgehog paid a visit but he is shy and didn't let us see his cute little face.

But then we had to get down to business. There was polish at stake, people.

Early on, I got into the game...

But then suddenly I started to FAIL...

But then before I knew it, the prize was MINE!!!

Here was my winning hand. Pocket kings. Not too bad eh?
And check out all my sweet winnings! I'm sure you'll be seeing some swatches in the near future.

For good measure, here are some better pictures of the sweet Nicole by OPI Gumdrop mani I did.

I chose to do a gradient manicure with three of the shades from one of the latest textured polish collections, the Gumdrops by Nicole by OPI.
I started with a layer of the blue polish, Nicole by OPI - Blue-Berry Sweet On You.
Using a sponge, I started the gradient with the purple, Nicole by OPI - I Lilac Gumdrops.
For that extra bit of color at the tip, I finished by sponging on some of Nicole by OPI - Candy Is Dandy, the pink shade, and it has some bigger glitter pieces in it also which brings more sparkle to the manicure.

You may remember that I loved the OPI textured polishes but had trouble with the Zoya, and I am happy to say that these are just like the OPI formula and they dry perfectly in not too much time. Sooooooo into it!!'

Thanks again to Kayla and Nicole by OPI Canada for this amazing night. So happy to spend some time with my polish girls!
Check out Kayla and Kelsie's posts today too for another look at the day.


  1. this. is. the most amazing thing i have ever seen! such a cool idea and so much fun. congrats on the win!

  2. I love the gradient, I usually don't like textured polish that much but it's gorgeous here!

  3. Now that's a party; Looks like a lot of fun! Nicole by OPI Gumdrop looks really nice!

  4. aw man, looks like you guys had the most legen -wait for it- dary nail polish night of all times! And I love your gradient with the textured polishes, I SO need to try that. I'm crossing my fingers that these textured polishes will arrive to my country :)

  5. looks like you ladies had a great time! I hope to see NOPI Gumdrops soon in my area!

  6. YOU SO RICHHHHHHHH ahahahhaha i'm funny :p
    So amazing nail polish. OPI is my favorite.