Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CG spring dots

Hola! While perusing Sally's recently, China Glaze tricked me into simultaneously buying three purples from their spring collection.
I immediately used two of them to create this cute dotticure! I think that's the first time I've used that word.

China Glaze - What A Pansy & China Glaze - In A Lily Bit
These polishes have lovely formulas, no complaints, and the colors are just so springy. (Even though spring is a myth around here... It's snowing right now.)

I did this super quick with a toothpick. I thought my dots were kinda messy but I actually had a ton of people asking me about these nails and loving them! Bishes love dots.

Add a midi ring, and it's actually one of my most liked photos on Instagram! I guess I did something right! Hahaha.

I might make a second post later on this evening... I feel bad for only posting three times so far this month! Studying really had me busy there for a few weeks. But I got the grades I needed! *Giant sigh of relief.*


  1. Such cute polka dots! There so perfect too :)

  2. Cute as can be. I love In a Lily Bit, ti is such a beautiful spring color. This is a great mani!

  3. How tricksy of them! :-) Love love love the dots!

  4. with all these purple polkas everywhere, my first thought it that this mani goes with you blog. than i thought, you should do a mani to match your blog layout!

  5. Your dots are adorable! They're so tiny and even.

  6. Love this. So cute. Congratulations on getting the grades you want and need xx

  7. YAY! Dotticures! Yours is perfection!

  8. Very cute dots and the colours match perfectly! :)

  9. congrats on getting the grades you studied for! way to go! :) What a pansy makes me think of the movie Madagascar :D

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