Monday, June 2, 2014

a-england - Hurt No Living Thing & Excalibur Renaissance

Hey everyone! Recently my best pals over at Nail Polish Canada offered up some new a-england polishes for me to try out, and really, who would say no to that?
While I was in Florida, these babies landed at my house and patiently waited for me.

One of these is a re-release of an older polish, and one is brand new. We'll start with the new one!

a-england - Hurt No Living Thing 
This is a sheer polish, a gray jelly base with strong pink shimmer. Definitely a change from the usual holos and stuff we've come to expect from a-england. I gotta say I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't an opaque gray with shimmer! But obviously you could layer it over a similar gray for that effect.
I've shown three coats above to give an idea of what it is like once built up, but of course layering opens up many more possibilities.

a-england - Hurt No Living Thing (over OPI - Jade is the New Black)
I decided to show it over a jade green polish because that combo was just calling to me, and I think it looks great! The shimmer added is really strong even with just one coat. The gray base does cloud over the color a bit though, so keep that in mind when choosing base colors for this polish. 

a-england - Excalibur Renaissance
I just loooove this silver foil. One coat could be enough, but I did two just to even out the finish.
It confuses me a little what they did with the naming of this polish, though.
I owned it before, simply called Excalibur. And now they have a new and different version of Excalibur. And this re-release of the original Excalibur is Excalibur Renaissance.
Check out the swatches of the new Excalibur on Ommorphia. Dayyummm, the new one is sparkly.
So who knows why they did what they did, but if it means we can have both versions at our fingertips, I'm down!

Aaaand one more shiny picture for good measure!
You can get these polishes here for $13.50 on NPC! (And free shipping in Canada! WOO)

Products provided for review.


  1. I love the layering with Jade is the New Black... totally reminds me of a succulent plant. Really pretty!


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