Monday, December 1, 2014

october/november haul 2014

Hello and welcome to a double-up haul post! 
Why you ask? I'm pretty sure I didn't buy anything in October. Legit.
There may be one... So I'm calling this the October/November haul just in case. I have been such a good girl you guys. I haven't been to any supply stores since September! The only time I really shopped was on a weekend trip to Toronto with my parents.

Also I can't get freakin' Instagram to embed the photos I want so I'm just uploading them. But don't forget to check me out on IG, if you haven't already! I'm more active there these past few months, with lots of different kinds of stuff like makeup and crochet and nails and selfies, obvi, it's Instagram.

I did damage at one particular Winners store in Toronto. I found all of this and was carrying it around in my arms, looking for a cart (or my mom) to help carry it all! Haha.
The OPI GelColor I don't include in my haul because that's more for clients than for me. But it was an amazing deal, it would have cost me $120+ regular price but I got it for $50! The CG set was also a great deal, on clearance for $15. And the single polishes were $3-4 each (but now I need the pink OPI sheer tint to complete the set!)
OPI - I'm Never Amberrassed 
OPI - Don't Violet Me Down
OPI - I Can Teal You Like Me
Orly - Green Flakie Topcoat
Sparitual - Giggle
China Glaze - Wait n' Sea
China Glaze - I Sea The Point
China Glaze - X-Ta-Sea
China Glaze - Dune Our Thing
China Glaze - Float On
China Glaze - Feel The Breeze

I had a little haul of mini Mundo de Unas stamping polishes! Looking forward to trying them out (if I ever get a minute to sit down and do my nails.) Colors are: 9 Red, 21 Purple, 15 Mexican Pink, 6 Pastel Blue, 24 Aqua, 8 Green, 16 Lilac, 14 Violet, 25 Pastel Pink, 11 Yellow.

Oooother than that, I just picked up a few random Essence polishes from Shoppers at different times.

Essence - Aquatix Bay
Essence - Mermaid's Secret
Essence - Dark Night Starlight

So that makes 14 polishes and 10 mini stamping ones. Not bad for two months hey? Maybe I should start including makeup in my hauls because my makeup hoarder status has totally increased! Haha. Or maybe I should keep that to myself...


  1. Nice haul Love the deals you got on some of them too.

  2. I would love it if you included makeup in your haul posts! Maybe it'll make me feel better about the excessive amount I've bought lately. I blame Shoppers and their points events, along with the fact that they carry Urban Decay,,,

  3. I'm looking for the pink sheer tint as well! Which beauty supply/supplies do you frequent in Toronto? I like to find new polish pots close to home ^_^

  4. Please do a review of the Mundo de Unas stamping polishes! Would like to know what quality their products are, since I am very tempted to get some :)

  5. i bought the sheer tints on ebay months ago and i still haven't used them. oops.

  6. Love the aqua shade!!

    Hope you can follow me back :)

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