Sunday, May 5, 2013

Essie Madison Ave-hue Skitttles

Happy Sunday!

The other day I popped into one of my favorite places - Winners.
Waiting for me on the shelf was this!

A mini color cube of Essie's spring collection, Madison Ave-hue! I was so excited because I love Essie but since my pro supply store stopped carrying it, I can't bring myself to pay the crazy price for it at drugstores.

Before I show you the colors, I'm going to rant about the name. HA.
Ave-hue? AVE-HUE?! Did you sneeze?! AVE-HUEEE!!!

Why isn't it called Aven-hue? Avenue, aven-hue. It sounds better. It makes more sense. Why did no one in the naming department think of this? Perhaps I should be a nail polish namer.

I couldn't decide which color I wanted to use first so I wore them all. Yay for skittles!

Essie - Go Ginza (pinky) is a very light lilac creme. Great formula, just two coats for full coverage.

Essie - Madison Ave-hue (ring) is a nice medium pink with great shimmer, like a pink version of Smooth Sailing but a little less shimmery. The formula is wonderful! 2 coats.

Essie - Avenue Maintain (middle) is a medium blue creme. I think there miiiight be some shimmer in there but I'm not sure - if there is, it is super faint. 2 coats!

Essie - Bond With Whomever (index) is another light lilac, but not as light as the previous. Again the formula is wonderful, only needs two coats!

This collection also includes a red and a light green-gray, but they're not in the mini set, and I don't really like them anyway, so that works out.

l love wearing skittles! And I'm totally adoring my new rings so I had to show them off. (You may have already seen one on my Instagram!)
If you're interested, the midi ring is from Urban Outfitters and the other is from Forever 21.

What do you guys think of this Essie collection? I think the colors work well together and make a great spring collection and I look forward to doing more looks with them!


  1. Each of these individually aren't too exciting to me... but I LOVE what you did with the Skittles! These all look great together!

  2. so cool! You're right...ave-hue is a weird name ;)

  3. Looks amazing, I feel like I need to do a skittle mani now lol.

  4. Normally I love all the colors Essie comes out with but these don't really flip my switch if you know what I mean. The skittles are fantastic as is the midi ring!

    The Kracked kat

  5. amazing colours! <3 I have Madison Ave Hue too and it's so nice color :)

  6. Cute skittles, and yes, you should be a namer of polish!

  7. i love these skittles! they really work together!

  8. I've never done skittle but they look adorable! (and I have that ring from urban too!)

  9. I love the cute little package and the pink polish!
    Your rings are beautiful too.

    Xoxo, Elsa

  10. Würde mich freuen wenn du mal bei mir vorbeischaust, mein Blog ist zwar brandneu, hat aber viel Vorbereitung gekostet und ich würde mich nun über erste Leser freuen! Es gibt außerdem einen super hochwertigen Nagellack von Deborah Lippmann zu gewinnen, also nicht verpassen!
    Küsschen, Clara