Monday, October 28, 2013

Shimmer Polish - Tammy, Strength, & Astrid

OMG look I'm making a blog post. A post that is like, over a month late. I suck.
I think I have posting anxiety. If I don't post, I feel bad, and then I feel sucky and won't post again the next day, and then I end up not posting for a week, and feel worse, and then two weeks... It goes on! It's weird.
But that being said I have a LOT of stuff to start posting and I am going to force myself to post as much as I can!

Today I'll be starting off another set of posts for Shimmer Polish, oh yeah baby, mo' Shimma.

Glitter Glitter Glitter Always All The Time Everything. That's my motto.

Glitter polishes from Shimmer are most definitely the best glitters I own. Fo' reals. I can't think of anything I like more.
I was checking out those new Sally Hansen glitters the other day and I was like "Nah, nah, nah, I'll just wear my Shimmers."
I'll be honest - a lot of the indie stuff I get for review gets swatched and then never worn again. Not these babies. It's like Frank's Red Hot Sauce. I put that sh*t on everything. I really do.

Here's what I love about Shimmer that I say in every review post:
- They're absolutely packed with glitter.
- But that does not make them gloopy or hard to apply.
- You can wear them alone layered over other colors.
- So many glitters. Complex formulas. Not your typical glitters.
- Great bottles and brushes and damn, what a cute label!

As usual I am showing these in sets of three and here we go with a bang.

Shimmer Polish - Tammy (over Urban Decay - Vice)
Are you seeing this? Look at those glitters. All of them. I can't even words right now.
Purple. Gold. Silver. Black. Hex. Bar. Square. Everything. Ridiculous. Perfect.
Just go back and look at all the pictures and don't forget most of them can be viewed larger when you click on them.

Shimmer Polish - Strength (over Orly - Pretty-Ugly)
The only issue I have with this polish is that I cannot ever spell Strength right the first time. You know how there are just some words you know how to spell, but just never type it right? Yeah. Stregthn. Strnegth. Strenth. Strehgth?
Ignoring that, this is another perfect glitter combination and it is just fab. Cindy from Shimmer donates profits of this polish to PCOS charities which makes it cooler! All blue-teals and silvers and shapes and sizes and wow!
This polish also has heart-shaped glitter in it but I did not notice until after I was done with my manicure so I didn't happen to get one on the nail. Ah well.

Shimmer Polish - Astrid (over Orly - Harmonious Mess)
This is just too pretty. And the name reminds me of this book I had as a child about a fairy named Astrid who used to paint the rainbows in the sky but she wasn't good at it and the other fairies got mad but she just liked different rainbows okay? And I think it had something to do with the tooth fairy? Or was that another book about fairies...
This polish is a totally iridescent/opalescent amethyst-toned polish which is just gorgeous over both light and dark colors and can show many different sides. The slight shimmer in the base adds to it as well. So purdy!


Hooray for glitter!

Shimmer Polish is available in their Etsy shop, or you can order via email.
The polishes are $12 each, and you can even order custom polishes for $15.
Head to for the details! And don't forget to check them out on Facebook.

Here are my other Shimmer posts, in case you missed 'em:
Products provided for honest review.


  1. Tammy is stunning! I love that one the most, but Strength is also really gorgeous.

  2. Love, love, love Strength--thanks for posting it!

  3. Shimmers are like crack, but in a good way.

  4. These are so cute! I love how small the glitters are and how dense!

  5. Tammy is so beautiful! And Astrid reminds me of fairies, not becaues of the name but because of the gorgeous glitter!

  6. Tammy over Vice is incredible! I couldn't stop looking at it, so gorgeous!

  7. Excellent swatches! God, I love Strength so much (and gosh you made me feel pround that I, a non-native speaker, can spell it right :D I have really strong issue with 'conscience' though. I'm not sure I spelt it right but I don't wanna check :D), both the appearance of the glitter and the name. I'm on a no-buy (sort of), but this one deserves an exception to the rule <3

  8. Oh man, now I need strength! It's gorgeous, curious what it would look like over a darker colour :)


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