Friday, November 1, 2013

october haul 2013

This month I was a really good girl. Until yesterday. Evidence:

Until yesterday, I had only bought four polishes this month (besides an order that was on the way).

Duopack at Winners for $12.99 with OPIs I always wanted!
OPI - Do You Lilac It?
OPI - Funkey Dunkey

So happy when I get polish in my Ipsy bag:
Zoya - Giovanna

Let's not discuss the fact that the fourth polish came with $100 leggings...
piCture pOlish - Super Styling

Then I got some polishes from Cirque to reviewwwww and they are beautiful and you will see them tomorrow! (Well... In the morning. It's past midnight.) 
Cirque Colors - XX
Cirque Colors - Arcane Fire
Cirque Colors - Magnum Opus
Cirque Colors - Stella
Cirque Colors - Mink
Cirque Colors - Vectors

And then it all went downhill on October 30th.

My pal Anissa sent me a biiiiig ol' box of Pahlish.
Pahlish - Candy and Ronnie
Pahlish - Green and Giggly
Pahlish - Sugar Venom
Pahlish - Through Still And Storm
Pahlish - Peculiar Purple Paste
Pahlish - Body Electric
Pahlish - Ace of Fours
Pahlish - Train Underwater
Pahlish - Glittoris
Pahlish - Dark Parades
Pahlish - Pet Dragonfly

And then I got my order from Nail Polish Canada:

Models Own - Absinthe 
piCture pOlish - Lagoon
piCture pOlish - Imperial
(PS the Siren Song's aren't for me!)
(PS yay lashes)
(PS u need limecrime uniliner okbye)

And then it just went so downhill it isn't even funny.

Went to OPI land. "Gift With Purchase" you continue to fool me. Yes I need silver sparkly hair ties and rhinestone bow wrist warmers?!
OPI - Emotions
OPI - Baby Please Come Home
OPI - It's Frosty Outside
OPI - Kiss Me At Midnight
OPI - I Snow You Love Me
OPI - More Than A Glimmer
OPI - Pink-ing of You

So I got so out of hand at OPI land that I figured I should also go to CG & Zoya land... (logic)

Zoya - Carter
Zoya - Mosheen

Hey at least all those single polishes were on sale for $1.50?
China Glaze - Gaga for Green
China Glaze - Westside Warrior
China Glaze - Angel Wings
China Glaze - Howl You Doin'
China Glaze - Dandy Lyin' Around
China Glaze - Graffiti Glitter
China Glaze - Your Present Required (mini)
China Glaze - Be Merry, Be Bright (mini)
China Glaze - Bells Will Be Blinging (mini)
China Glaze - Mingle With Kringle (mini)


I had all intentions to post this month and be like "YO I ONLY GOT FOUR POLISHES I AM SO LEGIT" but then yesterday happened and I take no responsibility for my actions. Not criminally responsible.


  1. I can't wait to see the Cirque colors! I have heard some good things about them :)

  2. Omgosh you have XX! So jealous, can't wait to see the swatches :D

  3. I can't wait too see all the Pahlish on your nails;)

  4. That is what happens when you deprive yourself! It's eventually more than you can handle and then you cave in and you go nuts! Well, that's what happens to me. But congrats on the first 30 days of the month. ;)