Saturday, November 2, 2013

piCture pOlish - Super Styling (+leggings!)

Hey guys! Time to post swatches of the beautiful polish that came with my beautiful leggings.

piCture pOlish, thank you for being geniuses and creating these leggings.
If you follow me on Instagram (or saw my October haul) you'd already know how in love I am with them.
Best piece of clothing to ever grace my body with its presence.
But what makes them even better? They come with a gorgeous polish!

piCture pOlish - Super Styling
This is seriously my new favorite PP (besides mine of course.) Good loooooooord I love it!!
I actually wore it twice in a row. I took it off to put on a new color and then I put it back on. Yes.

This color was inspired by Fashion Polish and I gotta say, PP girls, if you wanna do a purple like this inspired by me to release with more leggings, I will be the first on the pre-order list! HA!

So delightful. I wanna put it on again right now!

You can get Super Sytling on its own from or through other international stockists. But of course I think you should get them with the leggings. Totally worth it.

Time to go take some more artsy Instagram photos of myself wearing them... Hehe!


  1. I love the nail polish and the leggings, too bad they cost $100!

  2. that polish is gorgeous, and those leggings are FREAKING AWESOME!

  3. Those leggings are super cute! That glitter polish is everrrrrything!

  4. The polish looks stunning -- I love the look of the glitter with that shade of blue! The leggings look FABULOUS!

  5. I want this set so badly! That polish.. I don't think I'd ever stop wearing it.

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