Friday, November 8, 2013

Shimmer Polish - Vicki, Melissa, & Fanny

Shiiiiiiimmer. Today I have three pink glitters from Shimmer Polish to show you!
While they may look similar at first glance, any glitter expert will realize that they are very different and all amazing!

Here's what I love about Shimmer that I say in every review post:
- They're absolutely packed with glitter.
- But that does not make them gloopy or hard to apply.
- You can wear them alone layered over other colors.
- So many glitters. Complex formulas. Not your typical glitters.
- Great bottles and brushes and damn, what a cute label!

Shimmer Polish - Vicki (over Orly - Choreographed Chaos)
This is all sorts of pink and silver glitter, including some holo sparkle. Donations will be made to breast cancer research from the profits of this polish! How cool, right?
I love this polish especially because I have a bestie named Vicki. Hi Vicki!

Shimmer Polish - Melissa (over OPI - Funky Dunkey)
Ooooooooh damn I just love this one! Purple! Fuchsia! Red! Gold! Silver! It's so good. Man. I really like how it looks over the purple base. I actually wore this manicure for like five days. Haha! Into it.

Shimmer Polish - Fanny (over OPI - A-Rose From The Dead)
For some reason I did two black accent nails when I wore this color, and Fanny looked really cool over the black so I had to include some pics from the rarely-seen right hand! This is mostly pink and purple with little hints of other colors. I love it! As always.

Hooray for glitter!

Shimmer Polish is available in their Etsy shop, or you can order via email.
The polishes are $12 each, and you can even order custom polishes for $15.
Head to for the details! And don't forget to check them out on Facebook.

Here are my other Shimmer posts, in case you missed 'em:

Products provided for honest review.


  1. All three are gorgeous! Of course, I'm a tad biased towards the Melissa one, but I like them all.

  2. I love how you layered them! In the bottle they look very similar (I think it's because of the huge amount of glitter in each of them, haha) but they really are completely different!

  3. I like Melissa the best!

  4. Rebecca, are you still alive? o.ò


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