Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dance Legend - Elafonisi

Hello everyone! Long time no see! Here in Rebecca-land, things have been busier than ever. I've got more school work than pretty much ever before, working more hours than ever before... Soon it will settle down for a while. It is almost there. So I decided to start making a big effort to post all of December!

I am totally in a delightful mood with the holidays approaching, so what better time to start some fun posts up again. And P.S. - even if I am missing from here you can usually find some of my antics on Instagram.

Today I'll show you a really pretty textured polish.

Dance Legend - Elafonisi
This is a light pink sweet-as-candy textured polish. I normally do not like textured polishes if they aren't also sparkly, but I think it works for this color! And the texture is small and even enough that it definitely looks like a sugar coating rather than an incurable disease.

Whenever I wear textured polish, guaranteed someone will just start touching my nails without warning. If that alarms you, maybe you should stay away! Haha. They're just so intriguing and unique, especially for someone who is not as polish-educated as us.

These polishes retail for $9 and there are a few ways to get your hands on them.
You can find them on their website, but shipping can be unpredictable from Russia.
Stockists such as Ninja Polish and Llarowe also carry them!

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  1. So excited that you're back, I've been missing your swatches! I don't know if I like this color, but I definitely love the texture.

  2. really pretty!
    you're not kidding about people touching your nails, unannounced. That happened to me over the weekend at Bath and Body Works. It was a weird experience haha.

  3. this is so pretty! I love that color so much, and its awesome that its textured. its like super girly with the pink, but tough with the rough texture.

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