Monday, December 16, 2013

piCture pOlish Collab-Fest 2013

Hello everyone and happy Monday! (Even though it is only 1:00 am for me right now...)
Today is piCture pOlish Collab Fest! A day for all of us lucky ladies who had collaboration shades released this year to post them all again for your viewing pleasure. I was going to schedule this post for the afternoon but decided to just go ahead and post it now!

Unfortunately for me, this came at a really awful time for my nails. I am in the middle of final exams, I'm doing more hours at work for the holidays, plus Christmas preparations around my house, PLUS spending the rest of my time doing holiday nails for my friends and family... My nails and hands have taken a serious beating. Worst nails ever!
I had an awful break last week and I tried to hide it by rounding my nails off but I just don't like that look.
So you're getting no new close-ups from me today! But I did manage to take some festive photos and I will include an older one just to show off my purdy polish.

Wouldn't you like to find this under your tree?

Of course I never get sick of seeing my beauty! Siren Song is my pride and joy. It fills me with excitement every time someone posts a picture of them wearing it. I'm ecstatic when my friends buy it, and even some of my friend's moms have bought it! I couldn't be happier about this whole experience and I truly do love wearing my polish.
It's one of those shades I could wear again and again and I am really delighted about that.

I love when people ask me what polish I am wearing and I get to tell them that it is mine!
At first I was always carrying one around to show off. HA! 

You can find Siren Song at or from many of their international stockists.
Be sure to follow PP on Facebook and Instagram because they post lots of great manis!

My pals at Nail Polish Canada are still offering free shipping on any order within Canada! Check that out, Canadian chums.

Have you picked up a bottle of Siren Song? Share photos with me!


  1. Siren song still looks gorgeous on your shorties! I love this shade.

  2. Short or long, neatly manicured nails are always a winner and with this delicate shade ... even more so.

  3. nice green. so spring-ish. I should buy it now

  4. I love this shade, it's at the top of my wishlist :)

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