Friday, November 1, 2013

Cirque Alchemy Collection

Hello everyone! Today I have a review of the new-to-me indie brand Cirque Colors.
I've been itching to get some of Annie's polishes for a long time so I'm really delighted to be sharing these with you today!

I received five of the ten polishes which came from a really unique inspiration story. I'll let Annie's description explain it to you:
"Occult practices and medieval experiments are the theme to Cirque’s latest release - Alchemy.  This 10-color arrangement showcases the magic and mysticism behind the transformation process with colors ranging from saturated yellow gold to shadowy grays to a geometric-inspired glitter topper."

I'll just start it out with a bang and show you that aforementioned geometric glitter!

Cirque - Vectors (over OPI - Do You Lilac It?)
This glitter topper features just about every black glitter you could want, in a clear base, also sprinkled with some very fine holographic glitter that pulls it all together.
As with all polishes of this sort, you do need to sort of push-and-place the glitter around where you want it to get the look right. But it was not difficult and I did not find the glitters to be overly sticky-outy, and I only needed one coat of topcoat to smooth it out.
This was the manicure I wore yesterday for Halloween and it was so much fun! Got lots of compliments on it. Love!

Cirque - Arcane Fire
This was a surprise love for me, where I don't usually go for reds. But this is stunning!
It only needs two coats for full coverage and the color is beautiful and the shimmer is just so deep, I'm entranced! This is definitely a winner, especially if you're a red lover.
It does dry a tiny bit flat though so I added topcoat for the photos.

Cirque - Stella
Glitter! This is a rose gold fine glitter that I've shown on its own (2 coats) and layered over Arcane Fire (one coat.)
Isn't it pretty? Definitely unlike anything else I own. So sparkly, and great coverage!
Can't wait to try it over more colors.

Now for the holos!

Cirque - Magnum Opus
Yummm, purple-charcoal holo. Definitely one of those shades that looks nice both in and out of sunlight.
The holo finish on this one is not as strong as the next polish, but still strong, and the formula is great! I did three coats for the photos but you can likely get away with two regularly.
Imagining this with a Stella glitter accent...

Cirque - Mink
A lovely brown holo. Browns aren't colors that I usually turn to, but I have to say, they always look really nice and classy. I can see this looking flattering on everyone! The formula is wonderful and needs two coats for full coverage, and dries quickly like is par for holos. 
If you're a brown-loving girl, don't miss this one!

What I absolutely love about these polishes is that you can just feel the amount of love and care that goes into each one. They are truly artisan polishes and I don't even think "indie" is the right word because they just feel so professional and fantastic. The presentation, the boxes, the bottles, and of course the contents... It's just great.

The Alchemy collection is available online at right now.  
Prices range from $13-15.  For other retailers, please visit the “Stockists” page of the website.

Provided for honest review.


  1. I love a brown holo - Mink is gorgeous!

  2. They're all gorgeous, but Stella... *drools* :D

  3. Stella is gorgeous, it really goes well with your skin tone :)

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