Wednesday, May 7, 2014

april haul 2014

This month's haul is a week late because I simply couldn't remember what I had bought! April was a really busy month for me, thus there wasn't much polish buying.

I did pick up these two from a blog sale and now I am only 2 polishes short of having all the Halo Hues.
Color Club - Halo-Graphic
Color Club - Cloud Nine

Earlier in the month I did a little damage at the pro store because they had an amazing clearance. The GelColor kit was on sale for $49.95 from like close to $150! And the Essentials kit was $15 from $30. I definitely didn't need the white one because I had some of the polishes already but I could not pass up the mini train case. OMG too cute. And then the big beautiful black one is just a bonus! I don't include my gel supplies in these hauls so here's what was in the polish kit:
OPI - Tickle My France-y
OPI - Big Apple Red
OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark
OPI - Bubble Bath
OPI - My Favorite Ornament

And a few more new ones besides...
OPI - Rose of Light
OPI - Blush Hour
OPI - Muppets World Tour

Grabbed a few polishes for $1 at Shoppers! And a cute lippy.

Essence - Bloom Me Tender
Essence - Lovely Lavender
Essence - I Got A Crush On Blue!

I'm preeeeeetty sure that's it! 13!


  1. Amazing bargains. Love the opi sets. Especially the gel colour xx


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