Friday, May 9, 2014

Polish Me Silly - Blurple & Freckles

Yooooo. Today I'm sharing some polishes I know y'all have definitely seen before, but they're too darn cute not to share.

Polish Me Silly makes a lot of glitters like this, another of which I own and have posted about before here (back when they were known as Lush Lacquer.) 

My lovely and amazing best friend Dan bought these two polishes for me for my birthday! (And I know I can't get away without mentioning that because he reads this blog faithfully.)

Polish Me Silly - Blurple
Blue and purple make blurple and that's just what this polish is filled with. I love the two colors and I really wanna wear this over a nice light pink for an even cuter mani!
I love how two pieces overlapped on my middle finger and actually created a piece of blurple. Ha!

I do wish the glitter was more dense in this one though, I did two coats for this coverage and that included some foolin' around.

Polish Me Silly - Freckles (over Blurple)
This is not a perfect representation of Freckles because the blue and purples are mostly from the underlying Blurple, but you get the gist!

Again I would have preferred the glitter to be a bit more dense to allow for less coats and better drying time. Maybe I should invent a glitter strainer. Put it over the top of the bottle and pour out some of the base but leave the glitter! Hahaha. That would be so helpful, right? With sooooo many polishes. More glitter always.

Stinkin' cute.


  1. What fun glitters these are! Agree, that it would have been so much better if it was more denser.

  2. I would be first in line for a glitter strainer! These are really fun, what did you use for your base coat?

  3. I just ordered blurple and clowning around - but I was SO close to buying freckles too!
    I'm in line for a glitter strainer too ;) Do it! Make a kickstarter or something :p

  4. Man Freckles is the cutest, gotta love that neon glitter. And the glitter strainer is a stroke of genius, that is my single constant problem with glitter polishes, I'm totally onboard :)

  5. Blurple looks exactly like your blog background! Love!

  6. sign me up for your glitter strainer!! :D