Friday, October 24, 2014

Deborah Lippmann - Just Dance

Hi there! Today I'm gonna be posting a polish I meant to post about a long time ago but you know me, I get distracted.

Actually I have a funny story about this polish. You may know that when I go on vacation somewhere, I am pretty uncontrollable with my spending when it comes to stuff I can't get locally, such as Deborah Lippmann polishes.
Last year, I went to St. Louis, and I bought two DL's at Nordstrom.
Last year, I also went to Chicago, and I bought two DL's at Sephora.

Only problem is... I bought this one both times. I had no recollection of buying it before, I'm usually really good at knowing what I have and don't have. But at some point I noticed that it was there twice on my polish stash spreadsheet which got me thinking, OMG I totally did buy that twice. A major DOH moment. So I went to check my Lippmann's on my nice little shelf, and there is only one bottle of it there. So I said no, maybe it was an accident that I put it there twice on the list. So I check out my haul posts for the months I had both of those trips, and SURE ENOUGH, I have it in both of them. So I bought it twice. I definitely did. But I still cant find the second bottle?! Did I notice the mistake once before and give it as a gift or something and totally just let it all slip from my mind? I DUNNO.

Anyway. Here's Just Dance from Deborah Lippmann.
A polish so nice you might buy it twice.

I can't remember now if this is two or three coats, but I do know that there is no base color, just lovely full coverage glitter. Blue glitters are one of my favorite polishes to wear, and this one applies sooooo great.
I'm actually thinking of going and putting it on again right after I finish this post.

Such blue. Many Glitter. Wow.

The moral of this story is that we all need to settle down and not wind up buying two of the same pricey polish. Unless you mean to. Like maybe you like it sooooo much you need two. Because you never know when you might run out. Just in case. Right? RIGHT?


  1. Especially when it's the prettiest blue glitter polish you've ever seen.....😳

  2. So, I have a question. I love the look of glitter polishes but I actually gave all mine away and won't buy it now because I could never get it off. Is there a nice and easy trick to removing glitter polish that I am missing?

    1. I will admit to being a big glitter-picker... I always pick it off! I never use remover. You're right, it's too difficult. Thankfully OPI now makes a base coat called Glitter Off that you apply before your polish and it allows you to easily peel off your glitter without damaging the nail. You can also use Elmers School Glue in the same fashion but it won't have the same lasting power. Lots of blogs would have instructions for the glue method if you wanna google it and check it out :)

  3. This one is really pretty! I need more DLs in my stash, but they're so pricey...

    1. I hear many Ulta locations are clearancing all their DLs! Could be a good time to grab some or swap for some if you don't have an Ulta near you :)

  4. Looove turquiose!! It's a pretty polish by Deborah Lippmann and the name immidiately reminds me of a Lady Gaga song, that has the most describing lyrics of drunken dancing. :)

  5. Hahaha, it's such a gorgeous blue, I don't blame you for picking it up twice! I had my eye on it the last time I went to Sephora, too. :)

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