Monday, October 27, 2014

The Lacquer Legion: After Dark

Go shawty, it's LL day... 
No seriously. it's Lacquer Legion day and my nails are stupid short.
I broke one reeeeal bad and filed the rest to match. Whomp whomppp.

The theme for today's Lacquer Legion prompt is After Dark! Anything spooky scary goes. And I was seriously tempted to try Werewolf Bar Mitzvah... But it's a little late in the evening to paint a werewolf in a yarmulke. Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves... If you haven't watched 30 Rock you can just show yourself out of that joke.

Pretty much every Halloween nail art idea ever has already been done, so I went for something a little more abstract versus like, a pumpkin or a skull.
My pal Tiffany from Nail Polish Canada sent me over a Halloween plate to play with so I used that to create something cute!

It's like halloweeny newspaper blood splatter patterned goodness! I gotta say I really like how they look. It almost looks like a nail strip type design. The words everywhere look cool, even though my tiny nails don't allow for many entire words on there, and I love the blood peeking through!

I started with a base of one of my go-to whites, Color Club - French Tip.
I used red acrylic paint and a small brush for the splatters, I kinda just blobbed and smeared it on there. Very simple, no need to be precise.
The stamp is from Bundle Monster's holiday collection - plate BM-H07, and I used Konad black polish to stamp it.

I ended up not using any topcoat on these because I like the mixture of the finishes with the polish, paint, and stamping.

What do you guys think of these nails? Don't forget to share your Lacquer Legion manis all around the web with the hashtag #LLAfterDark.


  1. I like these a lot and that there not the traditional Halloween nails too.

  2. O.K....if you think YOUR nails are " stupid short " , you should see MINE, Rebecca! I broke 2 LAST WEEK, filed them ALL down ( like you did!) and they look awful! At least YOUR nail beds are not as small as mine...LOL...mine look like they belong to a six year old...I have tiny hands, tiny fingers, and tiny nail beds...LOL!...( but soon, I will have AWSOME glass files to take care of them! Woo- HOO!

  3. Oops...didn't get to finish my post...your mani is AMAZING! I think it's one of the neatest Halloween mani's I've seen! You did a great job! Thanks for posting it!

  4. Not so impressive you should do it more impressive and arty.
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  5. At least YOUR nail beds are not as small as mine.


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