Monday, January 17, 2011

...bieber nail polish?

I now have two followers! Haha, what an accomplishment.

Today I did something unthinkable.
I bought something that somehow relates to Justin Bieber.
I got "One Less Lonely Glitter" from his Nicole by OPI collection.
It is glitter. And purple. Both of my weaknesses. I couldn't resist.
Sigh. I hope he doesn't actually get any of the profits!

I took the Bieber tag off mine before I went to check out so the cashier wouldn't see, heh.

I was originally going to post some more of my favorite nails tonight but I decided to space those posts out a little more.
So here are some simple but still cute nails!

(click to enlarge)
Lava lamp inspired nails!
This is Color Club "Twiggie" from the Poptastic collection. It is a really opaque light neon (if that is possible) green. 2 coats!
The magenta is an unnamed nail art pen from ebay, I have the full set of 60. Coming soon I'll review them!

That's all for tonight. School in the morning :(


  1. How did you do the lava lamp mani?

  2. I used a nail art pen for this, I just freehanded different blob shapes.

  3. Hee, hee. My teacher friend is also totally embarrassed by how much she loves this Bieber polish. I think NOPI should offer the same colors but with different names so you don't feel the shame of buying stuff from the Bieber/Kardashian/whatever collection.


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