Thursday, January 27, 2011

let's go all the way tonight

Finally I got my hands on Teenage Dream!

(click to enlarge)
Isn't it beautiful?!
This is three coats of pink glittery heaven from OPI's collaboration with Katy Perry.
It is everything I wanted it to be and more.
The base is a sheer pink, with small silver and pink glitter, and bigger, silver, holographic round glitter.
The name is perfect, it is dreamy!

I also got a bottle of the Shatter topcoat!
I couldn't bear to cover up all the Teenage Dream, so I just did my thumbs.

Sorry for the messy cuticles, that's winter for you.
You can see the holo effect of the glitter in the righthand picture!

For this topcoat, you apply one layer quickly over fully dry nails. Try not to swipe the polish multiple times.
It shatters within seconds!
The amount of Shatter you put on changes the look of your shatter or crackle.
In the left picture I used a thicker coat, the right picture is a thinner coat.

The Shatter was more wonderful than I expected! Really easy to get great results.
I think I prefer the thinner shattered look.

These polishes made my week :)
I might have to go and pick up Last Friday Night as well.

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  1. Just came here from your 2011 # 1 polish post. I don't think this is awful! It still looks great, picture and polish :)