Saturday, January 22, 2011

nails boss/cake boss

Second post today, with Barbie cake pictures as promised.
First of all I'll show some nails!

(click for bigger)
I love me some leopard!
This is an unnamed pink polish I got at a dollar store, and the purple is Claire's Tahiti Purple.
I used a black nail art pen for the detail.  The nail art pens are perfect for this kind of stuff!

And now for Barbie.
(click for bigger!)
I'm so pleased with it, and I hope it makes a little girl very happy today!
I'm delivering it in a half hour... wish me luck!


  1. you're really talented, in many ways =) I love both the cake and the manicure! mad freehand skills =D

  2. Wow, I really like your blog! I love your manicures =)
    And the cake is super cute =). I bet that this girl jump through the roof out of joy, I sure would if I got a cake like that =).

  3. thank you! :) and yes, she was very happy!

    My mom tried to make me one of those barbie cakes for like, my 5th birthday or something? If I recall, it wasn't so great. But memories. :P

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