Saturday, August 31, 2013

august haul

Ah the monthly haul post, punctuated by my Instagram photos.  Can someone take away my money?
Especially if there is a Winners near by, which is where all the following stuff came from. 

Essie - Naughty Nautical
Essie - The Girls Are Out
Essie - Full Steam Ahead
Essie - Rock The Boat
Essie - The More The Merrier
Orly - Choreographed Chaos (mini)
Orly - Pretty-Ugly (mini)
Orly - Harmonoius Mess (mini)
Orly - Mayhem Mentality (mini)

Ciaté - Pepperminty
(with the Caviar set)
Ciaté - Hoopla (with the Very Colorfoil set)

I got new beauties from Shimmer Polish, oh ma gaaaaaaad I love glitter. 
Shimmer Polish - Sarah
Shimmer Polish - Caroline
Shimmer Polish - Vicki
Shimmer Polish - Tammy
Shimmer Polish - Strength
Shimmer Polish - Astrid
Shimmer Polish - Fanny
Shimmer Polish - Allesandra
Shimmer Polish - Wendy
Shimmer Polish - Linna
Shimmer Polish - Jacki
Shimmer Polish - Melissa
Shimmer Polish - Kim
Shimmer Polish - Cristina

My wonderful aunt picked up these beauties for me in Toronto. My addiction to UD knows no bounds and the polishes are named so accurately...
Urban Decay - Vice 
Urban Decay - Addiction

I finally found the Fuzzy Coat polishes at Shoppers! Along with new Essence goodies.
Sally Hansen - Tweedy
Sally Hansen - Fuzz-Sea

And I don't have a photo, but I picked up a few things at some supply stores.
OPI - Pink Yet Lavender
OPI - Alcatraz Rocks!
OPI - Cuckoo for this Color
China Glaze - Light As A Feather
China Glaze - Flock Together

And finally, I got a polish from Daring Digits as a gift from Jini aka MakeUpMom123, but I have NO idea what it is called! Help a sista out?

I'll post more pictures when I find out what it is called!


  1. CRAZY! as in crazy good. so much glitter... love it.

  2. Ooooo! Maybe if I look at enough people's hauls, my desire for more will be satiated, and I'll not not need to buy myself? Okay, I already know the answer to that question, but I still liked looking at yours. :)