Friday, August 30, 2013

Cheeky Week - Day 5: Black Strawberries? Um...

For my final day of this Cheeky week, here's an adorable stamp that I didn't quite use right... Haha!

This strawberry image is from the Cheeky Summer Set, CH-42. I used Essie's Come Here as my base color and the stamping was done in Konad Black.

I should have stamped red strawberries onto a lighter base... Not sure why I went for black! Hahaha. It's still cute but I am just not loving it.

This is the end of my Cheeky Week, but never fear, I will have lots more Cheeky looks in the future! There are so many more images I wanna use in this set, there will be lots more coming soon.
Plus, perhaps in a few weeks time, I will do a second week of Cheeky looks with my other set! Would you be interested in that? Hope you liked these posts!
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  1. I actually bought a cheeky set after seeing all the mani's you did this week! I like the black strawberries, something a little different. :)

  2. Omg sooo sooo cute :) love it :) BTW, please come and visit my blog :) we can follow each other :)

  3. I love this design...and the red polish is really beautiful

  4. Yeah, I'd be interested in another Cheeky Week! :)
    This is cute. You could even accent a nail with a couple of red rhinestones, or fill in the strawberries with some pink or glittery red... lots of possibilities even with the black! x

  5. I love the black strawberries on the red background :) Besides, that Essie red is drop dead gorgeous! I'd love to see more of your stamping manis, not only Cheeku :)

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