Thursday, February 6, 2014

OPI - Silent Stars Go By

Hey guys! First of all - if you've yet to enter my giveaway, go NOW! It ends in 3 hours! Can't wait to reward one of you guys with some polish lovin'. (And psst - there's two more in the works!)

For tonight's post, a Liquid Sand. How I love thee, OPI!
Here's another beauty from the holiday collection.

OPI - Silent Stars Go By
This is one is like a nudey pink rose gold type color. Is that enough color adjectives?

It is really subtle in that you could totally get away with wearing it in a conservative office, or something. But then still totally beautiful for someone like me who doesn't have to worry about that! I luvvv it.

I originally didn't buy this one and then a few weeks later was like "OMG WHY" and scoured the city for a remaining bottle. It was actually difficult! And I still didn't find this one's sister, Make Him Mine. I'll cave and buy it on eBay, I suppose!


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  2. Love it! I wore this polish to a job interview this week! :)

  3. Pretty~ This collection's liquid sands were impossible to find! Everywhere I went they were sold out! I would find a bottle here and there, now I finally have all 6. at one store, the clerk asked me if I am ok with the fact that the polish is textured. Turns out there were customers wanting to return these liquid sands because they thought these were regular, smooth polishes! Could this be the reason for our scavenger hunt? Best of luck in finding Make Him Mine~

  4. I absolutely adore the liquid sand finish and this polish is so pretty. I haven't used it yet but I think your post just inspired me to slap it on my nails.

  5. This is so gorgeous! I don't really know how to incorporate textures into nail art, but this one looks pretty versatile!

  6. What a beautiful shade! This would make a perfect holiday or date night polish.

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