Wednesday, February 5, 2014

january haul 2014

Bit late with this thanks to some exams, but without further ado, the first haul of the year!
Admittedly I was a little bad this month.

I think it started when I found a Color Club collection that I've wanted for years. ($9.99 at Winners):
Color Club - Electro Candy
Color Club - Pure Energy
Color Club - Ultra Violet
Color Club - Volt of Light
Color Club - What A Shock!
Color Club - Tangerine Scream

And then I found that nice little duo + clutch on clearance for $9. Can't have enough black and white! (Or a big enough collection of OPI bags.)
OPI - Alpine Snow
OPI - Black Onyx

The sale section of a drugstore provided me with that OPI topcoat trio for $12:
OPI - Snowflakes In The Air
OPI - Matte Topcoat
OPI - Topcoat

Feeling lucky, I hit the supply stores (several times) but the first trip was good and I only let two polishes come home with me.
OPI - This Gown Needs A Crown
OPI - Silent Stars Go By

But I had a weak moment at Walmart and bought some Maybelline Brocade polishes.
Maybelline - Emerald Elegance
Maybelline - Lavishly Lilac
Maybelline - Beaming Blue 

The $1 OPI rule kicked in again at another drugstore. (The rule is you buy it.)
OPI - Care to Danse?

Another supply store trip, another haul. $1 China Glaze? Yep.
China Glaze - This Is Tree-mendous!
China Glaze - There's Snow One Like You
China Glaze - Kalahari Kiss
China Glaze - Duplicity
China Glaze - Winter Holly

And then another drugstore clearance find:
Ruby Wing - Eternal

A gift from a special lady! Thanks LTHP! (Swatches coming soooon)
KBShimmer - Merry Pinkmas

In a hunt to find OPI's Gwen Stefani collection, I accidentally found $2 OPI clearance as well... I haven't gone back to that store since. I left so many behind... 

OPI - I'm Feeling Sashy
OPI - Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
OPI - Number One Nemisis
OPI - Off With Her Red!
OPI - Into The Night
OPI - San Tan-Tonio

Gwen was waiting for me at Sally's.

OPI - Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
OPI - Push and Shove
OPI - 4 In The Morning
OPI - In True Stefani Fashion

And y'all know I got those CSM polishes from Influenster. (Review here)
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Jaded
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Red My Lips
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Pat on the Black

And to top it all off... This baby came home with me finally.
OPI - Pure

If you want a little haul of your own, be sure to enter my giveaway! But there's only a day and a half left so go go go!


  1. Wow nice haul! So many new colors to play with :)

  2. I picked up Pure, too! I was soooo excited to see it. My question is, however...where on earth are you finding OPIs for under $3?! I MUST HAVE THEM NOW.

    1. i get them either at a local drugstore chain that carries a small amount of OPI and they clearance the seasonal stuff soon after it goes out of season, or at a local professional beauty supply that does clearance in large batches every now and then to lessen their inventory. it's one of those hit-or-miss things and you don't find it at big chains usually.

  3. Wow, you did well! I'd kill for 1€ OPI's. Seriously!

  4. Wow, that is a crazy great haul month. I love your OPI rule, lol.

  5. I ALWAYS buy any bottle of MBSW if I find it. It's perfection.

  6. This is such a gorfeous haul! And all those cheap O.P.I's! ♥♥♥

  7. Wow! It's a good prize.

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