Thursday, January 23, 2014

Influenster + Sally Hansen Total Knockout VoxBox #CSMTKO

Hey guys! I've got a pretty cool post today for you! I received a VoxBox to review from Influenster, and it just so happened to be a Sally Hansen review box!

However I kinda have quite a few complaints about the box, but I did make one kick ass mani with the polishes. So take what you will from this review.

I was really looking forward to this box but I have to say I was a little disappointed upon opening my box. First of all, the blue polish had leaked all over itself and the other polishes. This seemed to be a common complaint on Instagram from other people posting photos of blue messes. And there was also some complaints about the way the polishes were bubbled wrapped, or the lack thereof. Mine were all together in one small piece of bubble wrap, which wasn't great, but some people had none at all! I think this was a pretty big blunder for a review box being sent to a lot of big polish fanatics like me.

Besides the packaging problems, my other complaint is about the colors they picked for the box. Based on the teaser emails and stuff they were sending, I was expecting greatness! New colors, new collections! Something exciting! But inside my box I found three of the most common colors you'd find in anyone's polish stash. Red jelly and tiffany blue? REALLY?
I know that the Complete Salon Manicure line has some fun colors (especially the new glitters!) and some excellent formulas. But the chosen colors were lackluster and the formulas were completely mediocre.

Jaded, the tiffany blue/turquoise, is extremely sheer. (And looks just like China Glaze's For Audrey, color-wise, not to mention the 4,000 dupes.)
Red My Lips, the red jelly, isn't horrible but it isn't spectacular. (And it's just like every other red jelly ever.)
Pat On The Black, the blackened-purple, is a nice color but it is not as opaque as it should be. Two coats should be enough for a color this dark but that is not so. (And it's just like OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark among many others.)

That being said, I have a couple other CSM polishes that I adore! So I don't wanna just hate on the brand entirely. They have some with amazing formulas and fun colors. Plus I do seriously love their brush and find it super easy to paint with. I think with better color choices, this box could have had far better reception.

Buuuuut like I said, I made a great manicure with the polishes!

I chose to do a messy-gradient with Jaded and Red My Lips, and then accent it with some basket weave striping done with Pat On The Black.

I'm actually really in love with the results so overall I am happy with this VoxBox because it allowed me to create a really fun manicure! I've always wanted to try the basket weave look.

I used a medium striper brush to do the detail and I had to go over the lines twice to get them opaque enough. I did the gradient using a sponge but I didn't want to blend them seamlessly, I wanted it to be rough. Not sure why but that is what I was feeling! Haha.

I feel kinda mean to be making so many complaints but hey, that's the nature of honest reviews right?
And it all turned out okay because it made a nice manicure!

Watch the Instagram video I posted with the manicure above!

Hope you guys liked this post! Did you guys get this VoxBox? Lemme know what you thought!

Product provided for honest review.


  1. Those color are really pretty together and I especially love the basket weave on top of the gradient!

  2. I got this box too and was disappointed with the colours. So generic. Mine weren't bubble wrapped at all but I was lucky my blue didn't leak. Your manicure was awesome!

  3. Wow, I can see why I didn't hear of this box - only 1,000 people got it! Well, I had the Violet box which included a (non bubble wrapped) Triple Shine polish. I commented in my YouTube review about how they really need to do *just a little* preventative packaging with these things. Hopefully after this they will finally get the importance of a simple bubble envelope around an item...
    I'm not heartbroken that I didn't get this box, though. Nice colors but ones I already have, and I'm not a fan of SH's huge brush.

  4. I like that rough gradient. Maybe you were feeling it since you felt a bit "rough" about the box as a whole, lol. But it works with those colours!

  5. too bad you were disappointing with the box, but the mani is gorgeous!

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