Saturday, January 4, 2014

Urban Decay - Vice

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be posting about one of Urban Decay's new relaunched nail polishes!
A couple of months ago they released two shades and then two more have come out for the holidays. So far I own three... I gotta get that last one but I have spent so much money on UD in the last few months, I need a break! (Plus it ain't on Sephora...)

Aren't these the most badass bottles you've ever seen? I'm in love! They're the kind of bottle that does not hide away in my drawers of polish, and they get to sit on a shelf and look purdy! Not to mention the beautiful polish within them.

Urban Decay - Vice is a deep dark purple with multi-tonal shimmer showing sides of pink or blue depending on the way you look at it. The formula is dreamy, needing just two coats to look nice and smooth and rich. 

The bottles are so detailed, it feels like they really put a lot of effort into creating this product and I just love seeing that from a brand. That's one of the reasons I am so obsessed with everything by Urban Decay - you can just tell they love creating their products and spend a lot of time making them perfect.

I legit think I should work for Urban Decay. Dreamssssssss.

I am an Urban Decay hoarder and I am not sorry! Do you own any of these beauties?
I'll be posting the other two that I have in the near future to keep up my new-year-new-posts attitude! Hehe!


  1. Beautiful color and bottle! LOVE!

  2. wow, I love the shade and the bottle too

  3. What a great shade of purple! It looks fantastic on you too :)

  4. Gorgeous colour and I love the bottle!!

  5. Love this shade. And the bottles are just too pretty. Maybe you could do a blog post on your urban decay stash including the makeup and nails stuff. I would love to see that. Xx

  6. that's a gorgeous purple and i love the skull!

  7. you're right - bottle is pure perfection!
    and polish looks cool, too <3

  8. That's very pretty & I love the bottle. I don't have any Urban decay polish. I'm thinking it's kind of expensive though?