Monday, January 13, 2014

sprinkle all the way

Heeeeello! As I sit here trying to locate textbooks for yet another semester of university, I stumbled upon something different: a really old manicure I never posted.
I'm pretty sure it's over a year old. What's funny is that I know exactly why I never posted it - I kept wanting to swatch all of these Sprinkles polishes from Nails Inc before posting a mani but then I just never got around to it! Maybe someday...

For now, a cute mis-matched-mani!

My dear friend Jini sent me three of the Nails Inc Sprinkles ages ago and I wore these right away!
The pink is Nails Inc - Topping Lane and the blue is Nails Inc - Pudding Lane.

One look at these bottles and you know I need them, right?
I've got all four of the full size colors and I really want the little limited edition Ice Cream set with the mint sprinkles polish but it was neverrrrr in stock at Sephora when I was ordering. Boo.

Seeing as it was so long ago, I don't exactly remember the formula on these. But it looks like it was good? Haha!

Makes me want to go put one on right now! That, or eat some ice cream. Or both.


  1. Pretty sprinkle polishes! They look great on you :)

  2. Ooooh, I love these! They totally remind me of ice cream :)

  3. I have the blue one and I love it! But now that I see these pictures I want the pink one, too :D

  4. I love these! I only have one though, the putty one with black and white and grey sprinkles. The formula was great on mine :)

  5. These make me want cupcakes! I love the pink one especially, it kind of reminds me of Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop but more delicious-looking :)

  6. The sprinkles are such sweet polishes :)


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