Monday, January 27, 2014

The Lacquer Legion: Reinvention

Totally pumped to be sharing my first post for The Lacquer Legion! If you haven't heard about the LL yet, check out my introduction post. Basically, once a month me and my LL pals (Chalkboard Nails, Work/Play/Polish, and The Nailasaurus) put out a theme for a mani challenge for everyone to do! And of course, we do it too.
This month's theme is Reinvention.

The idea I had for reinvention was to finally try the reinvented version of stamping - making decals with stamping images!
A lovely tutorial was recently posted by my girl heartNAT, and once I saw it I had to do it ASAP.
But with bows. Obvi.

It's a little confusing to explain without watching the video, but here's the quick explanation:
1. Pick up an image on your stamper and let it dry.
2. Fill in the parts you want to color while it is still on the stamper. It doesn't have to be neat because you're actually working on the back of the design. But be careful not to bleed outside of the outermost areas. Let that dry.
3. Coat the whole thing in topcoat and let it dry again.
4. Carefully peel the fully-dried decal off of your stamper, trim the edges if need be, and apply to your nail on top of a coat of wet topcoat.
5. Add more topcoat to seal it in. Tada!

I did the base gradient using Lime Crime - Parfait Day and Lime Crime - Once In A Blue Mousse.
For the decal I used Konad Black, and filled it in with China Glaze - That's Shore Bright.
The studs are from Dollar Nail Art.
I'm loving all the components of this manicure and it is very me. Girly, but with studs also. Ha!

I freakin' love this method because it opens up a lot of possibilities. It is definitely a reinvented nail technique! I'm probably going to be obsessed with this now because I just want this bow on everything. Everythingggggg.

Have you guys done a Lacquer Legion manicure yet? It's not too late! Be sure to tag your posts on social media with #LLreinvention so we can see them! And share 'em on our Facebook page.
Hope you liked this post and I'll see you again shortly for the next Lacquer Legion challenge!


  1. This is very cute, the colours look like an ice cream in the summertime!

  2. Very nice, it turned out super cute :)

  3. Great reinvention! I don't get why more people do it like this, I am definitely going to try it, thank you for showing! =)

  4. I love this look, it's really cute!

  5. I love that! And I bet you could make decals that way to stick on other things too! I'm thinking of decorating my phone case with stamp decals :D :D :D

    thanks for doing the collab! I did a mani for it on my blog too :D

  6. your decal is perfect, this is adorable!!

  7. I LOVE this mani! I think I'll try the decal method this weekend <3

  8. Gorgeous! I also joined the challenge. It was tricky and fun :D

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