Friday, January 3, 2014

december haul 2013

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!
Have you guys been making any resolutions for 2014? I know I have one big one that is always on my mind... My blog! 2013 was a bad year for me and my blog, because for a while I was just too sick to give it any attention, and then the habit just... stuck. I always promise my readers and myself that I will be back, but this time I really want to mean it.
I plan to start posting as much as I can, with the best stuff that I can. At least twice a week to start out but hopefully more!
I really love blogging and all that it has done for me and I'm sure not ready to quit. My three year blogaversary is coming up in 2 weeks - let's get this party started again!

So we will begin 2014 with a post about how much polish I hauled in December. And it wasn't very much because I have been showing such restraint! No more 80-polish-a-month hauls for me, folks.

With some help from a blog sale, I added four polishes to my Canadian Collection by OPI, so now I have half of the collection. I must finish it!! (Plus I got one other polish for good measure.)
OPI - Don't Wine, Yukon Do It!
OPI - Nice Color Eh?
OPI - Van-couvered In Snow

OPI - Canadian Maple Leaf
OPI - Grape, Set, Match

I found a lot of Essence goodies in December at my local Shoppers Drugmart. There were two new displays and I came across both when they were full! One was a Justin Bieber collection which was not something that interested me much but I really wanted the paperprint manicure set! And a purple polish came home that day also... The rest are from the Metal Glam collection, which seem like great stamping polishes! Plus a "gold" leaf topcoat so I can stop rationing my real gold one! Ha!
Essence - paperprint manicure solution + transfer papers
Essence - Baby, Baby, Ooh! (
Essence - Steel-ing the Scene (gold topper)
Essence - Steel-ing the Scene (I have no idea why two have the same name)
Essence - Petal to the Metal
Essence - Gold Digger

I bought myself some more pricey goodies as a Christmas present... Ha! (Also check out that backdrop in my photo... It's a bandeau from Victoria's Secret. I had an awesome haul there during their semi-annual clearance... But that doesn't get counted here!)
Urban Decay - Zodiac
Formula X for Sephora - Hyped 

A polish came in my December Ipsy Glam Bag but I don't think I'll keep it. It's just like some old stand bys such as OPI's You Don't Know Jacques.
Nicka K - Classic Taupe

That's fourteen if you include the paperprint solution. Not bad! And most of them were cheapie cheapie!
Next month is already looking a little worse considering this is only the 3rd and I bought 14 already... Ha! I'll slow down.

Here's to 2014, everyone!


  1. Great haul last month! Fun goodies you picked up :)

  2. Yay to you bloggin more, but boo to no more big hauls. I still love your haul posts though. I really hope your feeling much better now xx

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