Friday, February 14, 2014

who's your valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Or, if you prefer, Happy Single Awareness Day!

I thought I'd be celebrating the latter this year... Until yesterday! Turns out I do have a Valentine!
Her name is Tiffany from Nail Polish Canada! Hehe. She sent me a Bundle Monster Valentine's Day plate to play with for V-day which was just about the cutest thing ever.
So of course, I had to go ahead and do some cutesy heart nails to show my appreciation.

The plate is BM-H18 which you can buy here on NPC. I love that they sell individual BM plates because I definitely didn't need the whole holiday set, but I bought a birthday-themed one! And now I have this sweet one too. Plates also ship free, all the time!

I wanted the stamping to be the focus of the manicure so I went with a very light gradient as the base color.
I started with Lime Crime - Milky Ways and did the gradient with Lime Crime - Lavendairy.
To soften it up I also sponged a thin layer of China Glaze - Something Sweet on top of the purple just to tone down the vibrancy a little and blend the gradient even more smoothly.
The stamping was done with Konad Psyche Pink, one of my fave stamping polishes which you can also find on NPC.

Sadly I smeared two of the hearts a little... Because I ALWAYS DO. Jeeeeeez. You'd think I'd learn to wait a little longer before adding topcoat! But I'm impatient, I guess.

Big thanks to Tiffany (and the rest of the crew at NPC) for being my surprise Valentine! Smooches ;)


  1. Very cute manicure! Love the heart stamping on top too :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Neon pink stamping polish! I need this :D great mani! Have a good weekend xo

  3. cute! the gradient is so subtle, amazing!

  4. Single awareness lol this is super cute, great now I want that plate.

  5. A great combo of colors and that pink really pops with the adorable hearts ~

  6. Really cute mani! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Awww I love NPC! And those nails are adorable.