Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dance Legend Anna Gorelova Collection - Lebedushka, Vodyanoy, & Chudo-Udo

Hey guys! More Dance Legend for you this evening!

Anna Gorelova is a great polish blogger from Russia, and I believe she was the first person to start swatching DL polishes and making us all fall in LUVVV. So it makes sense that together with Dance Legend she released her own collection!

It's hard to see because of the dark colors, but check out the cute owl on the bottle! I like that these have a completely different bottle than the usual Dance Legend polishes because it totally sets them apart and makes them all her own!

I picked two flakie shades and a textured one and lemme tell you, they are gorgey.

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend - Lebedushka
Light blue with golden shimmer! So delicate and pretty. 3 coats for full coverage.
This is a textured polish, but not quite as textured as most. The shimmer did make it hard to capture the textured look in photos. One coat of topcoat does even it out, if you'd prefer to wear it that way!

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend - Vodyanoy
This is straight up gorgeousness! Check out all those flakies! You need to do three coats for full coverage but that ends up creating this depth between the flakies which is so beautiful. In love with this polish!

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend - Chudo-Udo
Check out that awesome purple hue! I can't decide if this or the blue is my favorite. Again you need three coats to build the jelly base but that adds so much depth. I have visible nail line in photos but that wasn't noticeable in person.

These and all the rest of the polishes from Anna Gorelova are so different and complex, they make great additions to any collection no matter how big. Great job Anna!

These polishes retail for $10 and you can find them here on the Dance Legend website or here on Llarowe.
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  1. Wow amazing!

    Cudowne, szczegolnie 1!

  2. Love the cute bottles! These are some great shades too.

  3. nice swatches, and good nail polishes. Anna's collection is really interesting.
    PS Anna is from Ukraine.

  4. Love them all! Anna is amazing, some of the most elegant hands I've seen on IG.

  5. Gorgeous, these are so gorgeous!! I adore Lebedushka, beautiful blue, loved the swatches!! :)

  6. woow, fantastic. I love the first polish.


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