Monday, August 25, 2014

piCture pOlish Blog/Insta Fest 2014!

It's that time of year again... Picture Polish Blog Fest! Big thanks once again to the fine folks at PP for including me in this fun tradition. Last year's blog fest mani was one of my most popular manicures ever, so I was excited to see what would turn out from this year's event.

Things are a little different this time around: We all got one shade to swatch, two shades for nail art, and a special treat... Nail Vinyls!

I got the straight nail vinyls, which come in two sizes on the same sheet. You get a whole bunch in one pack! I was really looking forward to trying these because I am seeing them everywhere and I just hadn't gotten around to buying any. But I think I definitely will now because they are super fun to work with and I can only imagine the things you could create with all the different shapes.
While you're doing your PP shopping, they are now offering a set of four different vinyls on their site here.

So without further ado, let's start this Blog Fest 2014!
My swatch shade is one of the newest polishes, and it is tooootally gorgeous. Ready to see it?

piCture pOlish - Grace
Isn't this the prettiest princess polish ever? The subtle holo combined with the sparkly pink base is just so sweet and cute.  I did three coats for full coverage. This is a re-release of the old Ozotic shade 607.

And now for the nail art!

My two shades are piCture pOlish - Totes, a summery creamsicle orange, and piCture pOlish - Malt Teaser, essentially liquid chocolate in nail polish form. I paired it with a white base and did some stripes! I think it looks pretty cute and retro, n'est-ce pas?

This wasn't my first (or second) attempt to do something with these colors. Let's face it, orange and brown are pretty much my least favorite colors to use, and we couldn't mix other nail techniques besides the vinyls,  so this was super difficult for me. I envy those of you with the pinks and purples and chevron vinyls... Haha! But I'm glad I managed to pull something together. And in fact, I even got two compliments on it at work today!

Creating this striped look is really easy with the vinyls. Once your base color is dry, you lay down the vinyls in whatever areas you do NOT want to be painted with your next color(s). Once they are smoothly applied to the nail to avoid any polish seeping under, you add your other colors to fill in the spaces. If you're working in a large area you can just use your polish brush, but I opted to apply the colors with a dotting tool to precisely get the polish between the small stripes. Work one nail at a time, and remove your tape as quickly as possible to get the most crisp lines. It's totes simple!

Couldn't resist.

I hope you guys enjoyed my contribution to this year's blog fest!

Here's all the links you need to keep up with piCture pOlish:
Every Day Deal:
International Stockists:

And all the links for Nail Vinyls:


  1. What a fun design! I like it and the swatch of that color too.

  2. I like it!! And a great tip about the dotting tool!

  3. Smart to use a dotting tool! I think your manicure turned out really good.


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