Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dance Legend Galaxy Collection - Milky Way, Solar Eclipse, & Pulsar

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! Why is it a happy Tuesday? Because I'm going to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. Aww yeahhhh. Hopefully your day is starting out as swell as mine.

I'm gonna keep these Dance Legend posts going with some multichrome polishes!

These polishes are so complex, they show so many colors, plus there's that added holo sparkle. It takes some effort to try and photograph these babies! I've included some flash photos to better show the sparkle, and some natural lighting photos to better show the color shift.

I did not need to layer these over black, they were opaque enough on their own in three thin coats. Thank you polish gods. Because nothing makes me madder than doing multiple swatches over black. Think of that mess!!

Dance Legend - Milky Way
Dayuuum, that color shift tho! This one is so amazing, I had to start with the real knockout. I can't stop looking at those photos! Describing this type of polish is so hard, I will just let the photos do the talking. The purple-blue shifts are always my fave.

Dance Legend - Solar Eclipse
This one goes more towards the brown-green color shift which is not really my thing, but the polish is still stunning especially for those who like to wear these colors!

Dance Legend - Pulsar
Whoops, forgot to take a "butt pic" of this one! Haha. I don't think I've had a polish with this color shift before! I suppose it's like a blue-red.

These polishes are all fabulous for those multichrome addicts out there! The color shift is phenomenal and I love the added sparkle, which really makes them more wearable for me because I don't really just wear duochromes or multichromes on their own. But with that sparkle? Yup!
As I said at the beginning, the formula is nice because you don't need to wear undie-polish. And they practically apply themselves - not runny or streaky or hard to deal with at all like some multichrome polishes can be.

These polishes retail for $8 (or $13 for the bigger bottle) and you can find them here on the Dance Legend website or here on Llarowe.
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  1. These are gorgeous! I love them all especially with those sparkly specks on each color.

  2. Pizza Hut lunch buffet IS my happy place <3 also these are insanely gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow, these are stunning!

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