Sunday, February 17, 2013

china glaze - pool party

Last month at Sally's, you got a free bottle of China Glaze if you bought a bottle of Seche Vite.
Of course I used that opportunity to stock up on SV and get some free CG!

It was hard though, because I have pretty much all the good colors that Sally's carries... Haha! Here's one of the colors I chose.

China Glaze - Pool Party
Holy neon! Super fluorescent hot pink neon polish with a good formula, 2 coats.
Some people say wearing neons in winter is a faux-pas but I don't mind.
That being said, I didn't love the color. A bit too neon for my liking, maybe.

I added some black and white glitter to the mani!

I added one coat of Lynnderella - Connect The Dots and one coat of Ninja Polish - Sticks 'n Stones.
I like mixing the two polishes because I think it gives a nicer mixture of glitter pieces than either on their own.

Did you get any free CG at Sally's last month? What did you pick?


  1. this is so pretty! CTD looks great over it!

  2. Wow, lovely, the final result looks great!

  3. oooh that looks so cool!
    I didn't get any ChG because we no haz Sally and therefore, never get any good sales! :(

  4. pool party is definitely my favorite neon! love it

  5. I LOVE POOL PARTY! Except for the time when it spilled all over my carpet... :( Hahaha!

  6. They are like pretty street cones! lol Super neon.

  7. Love it: a neon can never be too bright :-)

  8. Pool Party <3 <3 <3 Neons BELONG in Winter! What about all the cool skiing outfits, they're neon too! :)

  9. I LOVE this color!! I'm going out and buying this! Hope it looks as good in a pedi! :-)

  10. faux pas, schmeaux pas. Neons that cute are always in fashion :D

  11. This color pops right off your it!!!!!