Saturday, February 2, 2013

Barielle Spam #2

Sometimes, I swatch things, I edit the pictures, I put them in a folder in my computer... And they go there to die.
The following swatches were done like, last March. And I'm just now posting them. Because I just noticed them in my swatch folder. Whoops!

Some of the photos are a little funny, where they were done a year ago. So please ignore those. But there are some cool polishes in here, so I couldn't just let them continue to hide in my swatch folder until the end of time!

So what do I have for you? Five polishes from Barielle!
I got these in a 5-pack at Winners for $16.99. (Along with the other 5 that I posted last year.)
I still see these sets of polish at Winners sometimes! (Haven't seen anything buy-worthy lately, though.)

I'll start with my favorite one of the bunch:

Barielle - Falling Star
How different! A bright blue creme base filled with small copper glitter. A really interesting and unique polish.
At first I didn't really love it but looking back, it is great, and I should wear it again.
Two coats.

Barielle - Grape Escape
Your standard purple creme. Fun color but not unique. 2 coats.

Barielle - Passion Pirouette 
Uh-oh... streaky polish. It's a shame it is so streaky, because I really like this color! A vibrant metallic purple. I can't remember how many coats this is. 2 or 3. 

Barielle - Out-Grey-Geous
Another unique one - I can't think of another polish in my stash quite like this. A shimmery grey with tiny golden flecks. Nice! Three coats, a bit sheer.

Barielle - Elle's Spell
This is one of Barielle's most popular polishes. A red jelly with fiery flakies! My pictures of this one are a bit crappy... Sorry. Haha!
You can wear this alone at 3 coats, or you can layer it! I tried it over Grape Escape:

The red base deepens the purple, and the flakies look cool!
I like it much better layered. It would be stunning over deep reds, I bet! I'll have to try that next.

There you have it!
5 swatches from my vault.
The vault is pretty big... Some of it is so bad... I'll have to sort through it and see what is worth posting!


  1. I love Falling star and Elle's spell! So pretty!

  2. Me too, I just love Falling Star and Elle's Spell.

  3. I have a whole row of Barielle's, just sitting and waiting to be worn! They are pretty and I need to try Falling Star and Elle's Spell!

  4. Lovely swatches! I wish our Winner's carried more Barielle-- all I've seen for the past 3 months is the Christmas collection. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. so pretty! I used to have that same problem of taking pictures and forgetting about them, so now when I save them I upload all of them into Blogger with just a title and save it as a draft that way i can click the drafts page and see all the one's I have/still need to write!

  6. Falling Star is a uncommon color in so I like it a lot.

  7. I find that so frustrating, Barielle and my body chemistry are a horrible match :(

  8. Falling Star and Elle's Spell are gorgeous!

  9. I just love Falling Star! It's so pretty and unique!

  10. Falling Star, Elle's spell....SO beautifull!!!

  11. First, I LOVE your blog! I think you have some of the prettiest hands of any nail blogger :) I always wonder, though... why don't you paint your nails all the way to the sides?

    1. i like to leave a small gap so i don't flood my cuticles (especially when just swatching polishes, a bunch at a time) but sometimes i make it too big... haha! it is usually an accident!

  12. I have Falling Star - it is so lovely! Your swatch is really pretty :)


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