Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barielle Spam #1

Hey everyone!
I recently got to try a new-to-me brand, Barielle, because these awesome 5-pack sets showed up at Winners here in Canada. (5 for $16.99!)
I ended up being able to get all the shades I had my eye on which made me totally pumped.
I'm going to show you five of them today (and the other five whenever I manage to swatch them.)

I'll start with my absolute favorite!

Barielle - Do Unto Others
This is a totally cute and happy shade of bright turquoise. Just perfect.

This applied great in 2 coats and I totally love it. I've heard it stains pretty badly though which sucks but I will deal with it anyway because of the color payoff.
Love love love.
I tried dupe-hunting in my stash but couldn't find anything identical.

Barielle - Decadence 
Another win! Shimmery teal. I think this was three coats. Not streaky and draggy like some similar shimmers.

At first I thought this was super unique in my collection but then I remembered Orly's Bailamos. That's a bit more blue but they are definitely in the same vein.

Barielle - Swizzle Stix
This is a cute light blue jelly-creme. You know, one of those polishes that can't decide if it is creme or jelly. It's in between.

Very "squishy" looking but without the visible nail line. Me likey. Not a unique shade, but cute none the less.

Barielle - Slate of Affairs 
This is a pretty slate blue color, sort of periwinkle looking, with bright blue shimmer. 3 coats for full coverage.

It reminds me of H&M's Peppermint Fusion but darker. Big fan.

Last but not least, a flakie!

Barielle - Buddha-ful
I love the name of this polish, it's so cute! This is a pretty interesting polish, it's a nude jelly packed with green flakies. Three coats are shown here to build the base color.
Because of the milky base it can be difficult to find the correct polish to layer it over.

Above it is pictured over black, Slate of Affairs, and Do Unto Others.
I absolutely love it over Do Unto Others but the milky base makes it sort of cloudy on the darker shades. If you apply it really evenly it can look nice but I prefer it on brighter, lighter colors.

That's all for my Barielle swatches for today! As I said, I have 5 more coming at you in the future.
Do you have any Barielle? Got any recommendations for me?


  1. So pretty! I love them all! Especially the nude flakie though!

  2. Hi nice post! IDk if you shop at transdesign or, theyalso seem to have the Barielle 5pk. in a wide variety for $13.50 USD. I love the colors and the brand also.

  3. I love Slate of Affairs! So pretty!

  4. Oooh, they are all nice. For the flakie, I think it looks best over the black...even though it's a bit cloudy. It kind of tones down how harsh black polish can be.

  5. Sweet, I found a few of the 5 packs at Winners too... I was thrilled! Nice swatches :)

  6. Love this! I have a few Barielle's from Winners too :) I recently tried Gotta Have Fate which is a jelly-creme coral. Not unique but reaaallly pretty. Another nice one is Secret Encounter. A wine coloured shimmer with a hint of gold.
    Can't wait to see your other swatches

  7. Lovely Barielle shades! I actually don't own any of them but I'm really pining for Falling Star, Elle's Spell, and Myrza's Meadow. Buddha-ful is pretty too!

  8. I loooove Buddha-ful. I think you can layer it over any lighter colors and it would look nice. Try a baby blue or a mint green.

    And I would suggest Elle's's a beautiful jelly red with flakies.

  9. I only have Elle's Spell but maybe I should try and find Buddha-ful as well :)

  10. Awesome colors! I just got my first Barielle polish, Aura Angora. Now I wish I got swizzle stix too, I love it!

  11. Slate of Affairs is really pretty =)

  12. Such a great find! I'm loving Slate of Affairs..

  13. these are so pretty. I have no access to this polish so I'm super jealous!

  14. beautiful colours! I must try Barielle soon!