Wednesday, February 1, 2012

january haul

Yes, it's that time again. Haul post time.

For some reason, my mom keeps reading my blog around the time that I post these and then she gets mad about all the polish that I get.
So, mom, if you're reading this, STOP!!

Here's what I got this month.

I had a really big Zoya Haul:

Mini Essence swap:
Dress For A Moment
Just Rock It!
Lime Up!
Let's Get Lost
Break Through
Sweet As Candy
You Belong To Me

I got some OPI:
Go Goth Minis (Unripened, Nevermore, Sanguine, Zombody To Love) (I swapped out Obscurity for Zombody) (clearance! $5)
Nicki Minaj Minis (Pink Friday, Fly, Did It On 'Em, Save Me)
Super Bass Shatter
I Eat Maine-ly Lobster (clearance! $5)
My Address Is "Hollywood" (clearance! $5)  (Also got a free OPI cosmetic bag with purchase!)

I got some China Glaze:
Gothic Lolita
Haute Metal (crackle) (clearance! $2.99)
Latticed Lilac (crackle) (clearance! $2.99)
Blue Sparrow (free with Seche Vite purchase)
Flip Flop Fantasy (free with Seche Vite purchase)

I picked up another set of Barielle's at Winners: ($16.99 for 5)
Elle's Spell
Grape Escape
Falling Star
Passion Pirouette

I got a delayed Christmas gift from Sarah @ Chalkboard Nails:
Pure Ice - Heart Breaker
Pure Ice - Busted

I found some Nicole by OPI on clearance at Shoppers: (2-pack for $6.95)
Prized Possession Purple + One Less Lonely Glitter
OMB! + Step to the Beat of My
(I'll be swapping the glitters because I have them already)

I bought some Sephora by OPI from Rachel @ Cherry Glam Girl: (for shipping cost only!)
Mermaid To Order
Teal We Meet Again
Go With The Flow-er
Metro Chic
Fancy Schmancy
Blasted Gold (shatter)

I got a little swap from my favorite Danish girl, Line:
H&M - Bella's Choice
Depend - 202
Depend - 255

I got two polishes from my friend Chelsea's Etsy shop, Pretty and Polished:
Party Girl
Elvis's Pink Cadillac
(Now I need more!!!)

Nicole by OPI - Kendall On The Katwalk (blogsale!)
Model's Own - Becca's Brown (blogsale! that's my name!)
Nubar - Reclaim
Nubar - Violet Sparkle
Essie - As Gold As It Gets
Gosh - Fossil Grey
Gosh - Ashy Grey
Icing - Blue Magnetix
Icing - Silver Magnetix

And I made two frankens for myself which I can't reveal because I made matching bottles for special people and I want them to be a surprise!

I've been a very bad girl. Very bad. (You should see the clothes I got this month, too.)
In my defense I bought all the Zoya's in December but they came this month.

Also in my defense, I purged a whole bunch of old crappy polish from my childhood that I didn't want to part with until now. I probably got rid of 20 bottles.
As well I brought 12 of my Nail Art Diva polishes to my job to use them there so technically they aren't in my stash anymore. (Yes, I work as a nail tech now, which I haven't mentioned before, but I have the best job in the world!)

I brought a lot in, but I took a lot out. I'm okay with this.

(Now I have to save though, because I'm heading to Toronto and New York in April! I need to be a good girl until then so I can spend oodles of money on polish there. And oodles at Forever 21. And H&M. And everywhere else. Will I succeed at being good in February and March and the first 3 weeks of April? Probably unlikely with all the new collections coming out!)

How did you do this month?


  1. "...So, mom, if you're reading this, STOP!!"
    OMG so Hilarious! LOL! Now that you done a complete list for January she'll really be mad!

  2. Here's hoping that you save money and that your Mom doesn't get angry! Rebecca's Mom, please be nice! ;)

  3. Whoa, that's a *big* haul. So many pretties - no wonder it's hard to resist. :)

  4. Hahaha. That's cute about your mom. My mom would get mad about my nail polish hauls if my lists were as big as yours, and I'm 25 with my own family. :P You should post photos of your collection.

  5. I love the comment about your mom! My mom would say the same thing to me! That's why I don't do polish haul posts on my blog, it might not be pretty.
    Mermaid to Order is one of my favourite Sephora polishes, such a beautiful colour and great application

    1. Yep, also considering no more Haul Posts. Lol...

      And Rebecca, you got a lot of goodies! But You see, it doesn't look "bad" because you didn't take pictures of the bottles. If you had bottle picture spam, then it would look REALLY Enormous!

      I hope you stay on a no-buy in these coming months. We all need to! Lol..

  6. you know i work at f21 until next week...i can get you some polish if you want.

    1. oh darling, it's the CLOTHES that get me there!! hehehe

  7. My mom is ALWAYS on my case about the nail polish I buy so I tell her that I could have a way worse addiction.
    To appease her, though, I've given up buying any for Lent. and it sucks b/c I have a huge list that I know I can knock down over the next 6 weeks. Wish me luck!!