Saturday, February 4, 2012

China Glaze OMG Collection - Part 2: 2BKEWL - swatches and review

Finally, it's time for me to show you the second half of the China Glaze OMG Collection!

I don't have the box for 2BKEWL which makes my polish-OCD sad, because I do have the box for the first half of the collection, 2BHOT, which I swatched here.
If I had the box it would look like this:

Whomp whomp!
I don't really care too much because I have all the polishes now, and that's what really matters!
2BKEWL has the best colors, in my opinion.  Definitely the better half. (Hence why it took me so long to find all six of these pretties - they are the hardest to find and the most expensive!)

My swatches for this half of the collection are so much better than the last half. I should re-swatch the other ones because I've found the best holo-lighting. Maybe someday!

This post is super picture-heavy so I'm going to put the bulk of the post after the jump.
Are you ready to see these 6 beautiful polishes?

China Glaze - OMG
Ah yes, the namesake of the collection. I thought this one would be the hardest to find but it actually wasn't! This was the second one I found in this half and that totally surprised me.
OMG is a silver linear holo that covers well in 2 coats, no dragging or bald spots.

I did a quick comparison of OMG and Gosh Holographic when I got OMG to compare their holo-strength. Here's how they look:

Holographic on top, OMG on bottom. As you can see, the Gosh is way more holographic.
But the formula on Holographic is super hard to work with and you need a special base coat.
Holographic wins for holo power but OMG wins for formula. You win some you lose some!

China Glaze - DV8
I want to say "this is one of my favorites" but really this entire half is all of my favorites.
DV8 is a teal blue linear holo, with the same amazing formula that they all have.

Yum yum yum. I'm actually wearing this one right now!

China Glaze - 2NITE
Ahhhhh. Cornflower blue linear holo. So pretty.
I'm actually staring at the photos of this one because I haven't worn it as a full mani yet! But I need to soon!

It's got a purple tone to it that makes the color really original. Love!

China Glaze - IDK
IDK is the light purple of the collection. Probably the least original color (besides OMG itself.) I have a lot of purple holos near this shade.
But that doesn't mean I love it any less!

You might notice that the writing on the bottle is wearing off - that's common with the OMG polishes. Whatever they were doing with the inks on the bottles during this collection was clearly not working!

China Glaze - LOL
This is the most saturated of all the colors and for that it is not quite as holo as the others.
It's a gorgeous purple and I love it!

I love that this one is so pigmented.

China Glaze - BFF
This was the elusive polish of the collection for me! It took forever to get my hands on a bottle!
What makes BFF hardest to find is that there are some bottles that have some sort of formula issue - they are all different shades. They lean more brown and coral but sometimes look pink on the nail. People have been experimenting and it seems that when exposed to oxygen, the "dud" versions turn pink.
I wanted to get a pink bottle just to be safe.

It's a good thing I waited to get a pink bottle because this one is probably my #1 favorite in the whole collection! BFF is my BFF.

Holy crap, that was a long post! I hope you guys enjoyed this mega post of holo goodness and good luck finding some OMGs of your own!


  1. WOW!!! AMAZING!!!
    Lovely Swatches. Hopefully someday I'll get my nails and hands on one of these beauties.

    Your nails look great!

  2. I am definitely going to have to hunt for these polishes, especially BFF and 2NITE! So pretty! :)

  3. I think LOL is probably my favorite. I am not a big fan of holos in general, but they are fun!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  4. So pretty! I think DV8 is my absolute favourite among all these holo polishes, it has the prettiest base colour in my opinion :)
    Great swatches and pictures btw!

  5. It's such a gorgeous collection, of which I have none... DV8 and LOL are my favourites of the bunch. :)

  6. I really like all these colours but I think DV8 is the best!

  7. Todos son preciosos pero el que más me gusta es China Glaze - LOL.


  8. So glad you completed your collection - I can see why you wanted them so bad!

  9. awesome swatches! I just did a post about OMG holos too :)

  10. Beautiful swatches Rebecca!

  11. Hi, i have a question for you. Where can i buy theese polishes ?
    I site, a store....

    1. im sorry but they are no longer available besides on ebay or in stores that have very old stock!