Friday, February 10, 2012

valentines series - xox

Hey everyone! First of all - sorry that I haven't been around in a few days!
I had two midterms this week plus work and I had zero time for anything else. I did so much studying.
(Sadly I have two more midterms coming up next week... I'll try to schedule posts.)

Secondly, welcome to my Valentine's Day nail art series!
Like a lot of you, I'm single this V-day, so I am making up for it with cute manis!

All my designs in this series are made exclusively with Color Club polishes because I was testing out ideas for their Valentine's Day contest. Ready for the first ones?

Valentine's gradient!

This gradient manicure was done with 4 polishes from the Starry Temptress Collection:
Color Club - Space Case (base)
Color Club - Ultra-Astral (sponged in the middle)
Color Club - Wink, Wink, Twinkle (sponged at the tip)
Color Club - Starry Temptress (on top for more sparkle)

The heart was done with a very small brush, and:
Color Club - French Tip
Color Club - Where's The Soiree?

I really liked these nails but they weren't the ones I chose to enter in the competition.
I'll show you those in a few days once I enter them!
Keep your eye out for more V-day posts over the next few days - I've got a lot of cute ones!


  1. This is a fantastic gradient, very pretty.

  2. So adorable. The pink glitter is awesome :)

  3. That is so cute!! Love the pinks!

  4. Oh my goodness I want to do this mani so bad! I LOVE it. It's so 'Victoria's Secret'. I might give this one a try if it's okay with you!

  5. Really nice your mani.
    I like the gradient.
    Very originals :)

  6. Gorgeous! I can't do gradients for the life of me! And I'm wondering how I haven't followed you sooner! Great blog =)

  7. Awesome gradient! It's so pretty and the colors are awesome!

  8. Lovely :) You make me want to try a gradient mani too!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  10. I love this one, especially because of the gradient. :)

  11. Gradients are always a win for me, and I definitely like this one despite not being a huge fan of pink :)