Sunday, February 19, 2012

springy crackle mani

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a swell Sunday.
I have a crackle mani to show you today, done with two China Glaze polishes.
I was feeling like using some pastel colors and these two bottles were next to each other in my drawer, so I put them together and it was adorable!

I realized after doing it that my pal Leslie from Polish Art Addiction had already done this combo! And I commented on it... Must have been subconsciously channeling Leslie!

It's a great combo, pastels are so spring-appropriate. Even though it isn't quite spring yet.

I actually had some sunlight coming in my windows when I was taking pictures of these nails so I took a bunch of pictures. Gotta soak up the sun when I can get some!

Here's the base color on its own - China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint. The perfect mint creme. 2 coats! Dries quickly.

The crackle is China Glaze - Cracked Candy. I've been really loving the crack again lately.
I don't think I'll escape my crack habit. Is there a 12-step program?


  1. love this! no need to quick crack...le

  2. I'm still addicted to the crack too. I love this combo!

  3. Haha I just put on Peachy Keen and Broken Hearted. :) Lovely combo and absolutely perfect for spring! <3

  4. Finally a blogger who isn't "over" Crackle lol I thought I was the only one left! Love this.

  5. I love this! I have to try it! I have Crushed Candy, I just need to find a light mint green, I know I have one.

  6. I love the "crack" too! I have both of em naybe I will try em!

  7. awww so cute! I want those polishes!

  8. Love this combo! I need to get re-fresh mint asap! :)

  9. Beautiful, I love color combo!

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  10. Such a great colour / crack combo! :)

  11. I still love crackle polihes too.

  12. Very pretty ! :)
    It looks wonderful on your nails :))
    i love your blog i follow you..
    i wish follow me back..
    ps:you have a great blog ! congrats :)
    kisses from turkey ! :) byeee.

  13. This color combination is so original and pretty!