Tuesday, February 14, 2012

blogaversary giveaway WINNER!

Hey everyone! I'm really excited to announce the winner of my blogaversary giveaway.
This giveaway has been so popular and I'm really thankful for all of the amazing comments you guys left me. They mean the world to me! (I think I answered all questions asked via email but if you left me a question and I didn't answer, please ask it again here and I will respond!)
I will also try to satisfy every suggestion left for me so keep your eyes out for suggested posts! (A popular suggestion - full stash post!)

Okay, without further ado...
1153 of you lovelies entered the giveaway, and with extra entries that made 2739 entries!
I used random.org to decide the winner, and the winner is...

#81! And that entry belonged to...
(You'll notice I hid the sections for email etc. so no one's email or twitter would be posted here for all to see)

Jodi from Captivating Claws!

Congrats Jodi! I'll be emailing you shortly for your address.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Don't fret if you didn't win - there will always be next time!


  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!! Yay!!! :)

  2. congrats! i had been waiting anxiously to see who won im so sad. there is always next time!

  3. congrats (:
    And wow you could nearly do a 3000+ followers giveaway^^
    I really like your blog (:

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