Wednesday, February 29, 2012

february haul

Hi there! Happy Leap Day!
Time for the monthly haul of shame. Prepare yourselves... In a good way!

I did so good this month. So good.
Check it out, mom, I did good!

Here's what I got this month:

I got some suedes on clearance for $5 a piece:
OPI - You Don't Know Jacques Suede
OPI - Russian Navy Suede
OPI - Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede
OPI - OPI Ink. Suede

I bought 2 polishes from my favorite Spaniard Ruth:
Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors - U16
Essence - It's Purple-icious!

I bought a franken from Amy at I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous:
Nail-Venturous - Floam

I got a 1-cent Julep box:
Julep - Marisa (which already has a new home lined up with my friend Marissa so this doesn't count)
Julep - Oscar

I got one cool polish from my friend Lori:
Funky Fingers - Teal Scales

Whitney from Elemental Styles sent me two of her franken polishes which she sells on Etsy:
Elemental Styles - Can I Buy You A Zinc?
Elemental Styles - Iron Man-ia

I bought 2 polishes on random shopping outings:
Sally Hansen - Glass Slipper
Color Club - Do You Want A Piece?

There is just one more section to this haul, it is a fairly big one, but a very cost-effective one:

China Glaze - Dance Baby, Optical Illusion, Liquid Crystal, Prism, Drawn To You
CND Effects - Gold Pearl, Copper Pearl, Lavender Pearl, Copper Shimmer, Violet Shimmer, Emerald Shimmer, Ice Blue Shimmer

How much did I spend on all those babies?
$31. That's right. Thirty-one dollars. The CND's were on clearance for $1 each (so I bought every shade they had) and the China Glaze were $3.99 with the exception of the magnetic which was $4.99.
I don't feel guilty about that haul at all!

That's a total of 25 polishes. Which is like, the best I've done since starting this blog, probably.

BUT! That's not all.
I sold some of my polishes this month.
Yes. I sold some. I sold 40, to be exact. And it felt good!
I realized I had a lot of stuff that could use a better home and some lovely local ladies were happy to take some polish off my hands.

Which means, for the month, I am at a total of -15.
Take that, polish addiction! Go me!

Now that I have de-stashed quite a bit, between selling and throwing away old stuff from my childhood, I think it's time to do my collection post. I'll work on that this week!


  1. Hope to see swatches off the CND effects :)

  2. Where did you get CND effects on clearance for $1????? That's amazing!

    1. at a local beauty supply that was selling off their entire CND stock

  3. Me encantaría ver cómo quedan los CND Effects.

  4. what a bargain for the CND effects! I have just one and I LOVE it!
    and yeah, you were really good!!

  5. Awesome haul!!! You got those suedes for a steal!

  6. Nice haul~!! And what luck on the CND Effects!!! :D

  7. Hey I just updated my Stash page with more brands I can easily pick up here in Helsinki. Mind you, available colors may/may not be limited, but if you have one or two that you'd die for, let me know. :)

  8. :) Nice blog! I'm your newest follower. Have a great day!

  9. Very excited for your collection update!!

  10. Thank you again for the polishes I bought off you :) I love them all. Also, I had to buy all the CND as well. I bought most of them over a month ago, I couldn't resist. My best friend works at PBS and she was keeping me updated on sales. :P