Thursday, March 1, 2012

i don't usually do this but... nail mail!

Hey guys! Today I got some super awesome nail mail and I just have to share it with you guys!

Me and some friends on Facebook did a little "Spring Secret Santa" and today was the day we were able to open our packages. My package was from the lovely Claudia from Nailing This and she spoiled me beyond belief! So I have to show you guys all the great polishes she sent.

WOW, right? Click on the pic to see them up close!
And if you can believe it, this package has been sitting in my mom's closet for over a month! Claudia sent it really early to make sure it would get here in time so I had to suffer knowing all these babies were in the closet waiting for me.
It was tough but I survived.

I swatched all my new polishes on a wheel because I wanted to play with them, and I thought it would be good to show you! Of course all of these will eventually end up on my nails but for now you can see them all together.
She got me a huge array of colors and she even got me stuff from my wishlist!

This is the Catrice Big City Life Collection! London, Berlin, Sydney, New York.
I have some Catrice polishes but this is my first full collection! I really love the blue especially.
I've found that the formula of Catrice polishes is really great. These are all 2 easy coats except for the yellow which, in typical yellow fashion, needed 3.

Two purple beauties from Catrice! Plum Play With Me and Lucky In Lilac. The lilac one is especially great. The formula on these is great as well, 2 coats!

Here we have some random but equally amazing polishes:
Hello Kitty - Pink Tutu - I love any polish that has to do with HK so I'm stoked to add this to my little HK collection.
Nfu-Oh - 51 - This was on my wishlist! This picture is not at all accurate so if you want to see how this really looks, hop on over to Dori's post about it which has great pictures.
BeYu - 209 - This pretty polish is red base with multi-cromatic shimmer, sort of like the coveted Clarins 230!
Illamasqua - Hemlock - This is a great sheer nude color with bright green shimmer, I can't wait to try this alone and layered!

She got me two great Barry M colors! She must have been sneaky because I don't think she can get these where she is. This is Bright Purple (which I would classify as more of a red-toned purple) and Once Upon A Time (which I really wanted!!)
I was so excited to see these in my package. That bar glitter is dope.

She sent me four awesome Essence Color & Go polishes! I think I would probably buy every single one of these adorable little polishes because they are such a great price and the formula is always awesome. I have not met one I didn't like.
Essence - Make It Golden - gold glitter, dupe for Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow!
Essence - Time For Romance - pink glitter in a deepened pink jelly base, super pretty.
Essence - Gleam In Blue - blue shimmer, just one coat! It's so pigmented.
Essence - In Style - great dark teal shimmer, covers great in 2 coats, totally "me!"

Last but certainly not least, Claudia got me the rest of the "current" collection of Essence Nail Art Twins!
(These are now discontinued but I call them "current" because there was an older collection which were discontinued long before these. I don't have any of those. But I have all the newer ones now!)
Essence - Gabriella & Troy - purple with shimmer and a purple/blue/gold glitter! I had to layer these together because I didn't have room on the wheel to do them separate. Can you believe that's just one coat of glitter? I love it! And the base color is amazing too, a perfect purple, 2 coats.
Essence - Romeo - the long lost Romeo to my Julia! (Yes it is Julia and not Juliette and I can't understand why.) Just one coat on the wheel but might need 2 on a nail.

Well that is it for the polishes! I adore all of them and I can't wait to use them.
Of course, Claudia also sent me a ton of other goodies:

Including, but not limited to:
- Hello Kitty candy (which is all gone now)
- Yummy "stroopwafels" (also gone, thanks to me and my mom)
- Koh hand creme
- An Essence stampy plate
- A small photo of my "celeb crush" Sam Winchester (aka Jared Padalecki.) This totally made me burst out laughing! (My mom also laughed when she saw it. "Wow, Rebecca, she must really know you!")
- A sample of Illamasqua's perfume Freak which I'm wearing right now and it smells amazing and now I totally want the full size bottle but it is legitimately $93. Allow me to quote Meatloaf here as I say, "I'd do anything for love, but I won't do that." (So I'll have to make this sample last...)

And finally... My favorite present of all...

These amazing Hello Kitty glasses. They don't have lenses but I am such a total dork that I want to have lenses put in them and use them as my reading glasses!
Does this make me nerdy or cute? Don't answer that.
(I think cute.)

I actually almost bought some of these for myself on eBay but couldn't find the perfect ones... And Claudia bought these for me without even knowing! And they are perfect. So I love them. And I'm a dork. A very happy dork.

Yay for awesome nail mail! I hope you guys enjoyed checking out my stuff. I promise I'll only bore you with nail mail when it is this awesome!


  1. That's so cool! What a nice friend :-)

  2. amazing nail mail! and i love those classes!! if i didnt have real glasses id wear them all the time

  3. So awesome, I have a German nail friend and I cannot wait to get my package! I am getting 3 of the Twins glitters :D!!

  4. That's do thoughtful. The fact that she took the time to put that package together in that way. I'm pleased for you!

  5. thats a freaking amazing package!! and I think those glasses are super cute ^_^

  6. Wow! You totally got spoiled....those glasses (and of course the polish) is awesome!

  7. omg those glasses are so cute!

  8. beyond awesome! I want those glasses.

  9. Great package!! Cute glasses! What a lucky duck!

  10. What a fantastic package. I think the glasses are cute too. :)

  11. In Germany the couple's name is Romeo & Julia. Don't know why. :)

  12. Wow you're chrushing on Jared Padalecki?! Thats perfect!, cause I am secretly in love with Jensen Ackles! Im thinking double wedding??? :D :D

  13. I love, love, love these sorta posts. Loving the specs, it really suits you.

  14. Its Julia, because this is the German Name for Juliette ;) And Essence is a German brand ;)


  15. Ahhhh! I am so jealous! How do you get involved in swapping polishes? I can't believe you actually let the polish sit there for a month. I couldn't do it.

  16. so many beautiful things! the glasses are wonderful

  17. Those Hello Kitty glasses are the best! Also, I think I'm in love with BeYu - 209. So pretty!

  18. Your nail mail was not boring at all! I loved it! I love the kitty specs, too. Very cute.

  19. <3 aw YAY I just saw this :D I'm just so happy you liked everything so much :D That for me is almost better than any gift I could have given or gotten :D so yay! It was a pleasure shopping for you doll!

  20. OMG LOVE the glasses!!!

    I say that when we get to the point we need reading glasses--go for cute! I splurged and got an adorable pair of Juicy Couture frames with bling and everything lol. My last pair had hot pink zebra stripes!

    Go forth and be adorable!

  21. i loved that glasses and i need them!!!!