Monday, March 12, 2012

Rebecca Likes... Nail Art Contests!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my very first nail art contest!
I'm really excited to do something fun and interactive for my readers and I want to thank Inlinkz for giving me the software to make this happen, and for supplying the prize.

Not only is this going to be fun for me and for you guys, it can also bring traffic to you! You might be familiar with the contest that Chalkboard Nails just had - all the people who submitted their designs had lots of views from people checking out their submissions. So not only are you getting a chance to show me your skills and win a prize, you can also get more people visiting your blog! Win win!

Let's do this!

My favorite things! I want you to create a manicure that you think I'd love, using my favorite nail art techniques or themes, which are: gradients, animal print, bows, dots, and Hello Kitty.
Create your manicure using one (or more!) of those 5 ideas, and submit it.
Your design doesn't have to be limited to these ideas but just make sure at least one is included somewhere.
Feel free to go back through my posts and take inspiration from them!

A $25 giftcard to Ninja Polish! This is a brand new online polish store, run by two of my friends. They carry a lot of awesome polish at seriously great prices. Go check them out and plan what you could buy with your winnings. This prize is sponsored by Inlinkz.

This contest will be judged by me and a panel of judges, including some friends and probably my mom!

- One entry per person.
- Your design must include one of the five elements listed above.
- Your design can be new or old but must be your own, on your own nails.
- This contest is open internationally but please note that Ninja Polish does not ship to Italy, Brazil or Russia.
- Stamping is allowed.
- Acrylic paint is not prohibited, but please make sure your design is primarily made with nail polish.
- You must submit your design using the Inlinkz tool at the bottom of this post between now and 11:59pm, March 26th, 2012. To submit, create a blog post about your design, or if you don't have a blog, upload your image on a free online photo website like Photobucket or Picasa. Click the "Add Your Link" button below and leave a direct URL to your post or image. (Please ensure you link to the specific post and not just your blog's homepage.)


  1. can we use 3D stuff? (acrylic bows, fimo, rhinestones)

  2. great, more fun for all of us :-D

  3. Wooow! one more contest. It's really cool!

  4. I'm so excited!! I'll be brainstorming all week.

  5. this is awesome! good luck everyone!

  6. Another lovely contest. :) I'll enter with one of my favorite animal print I did months ago, just for fun. :)

  7. Yay, this is cool! I will try it once I decide what nails to do... ^-^

  8. Yay! thank you for this opportunity. Everyone has such nice entries!

  9. I was reading, and I was expecting to read the magic word: internationally *_*
    haha, I'm so participating in this.. gotta think what I'm going to do :)
    Thank you for this contest!! <3

  10. Super Excited about this! So many cute entries already!

  11. Awesome and entered! Everyone's entries are so pretty.

  12. Entering! My first time joining a nail art contest, I hope it's good enough. Hahahahaha XD

  13. Yay! This blog is so cute and let me do a super girly mani and get away with it, because it's for your contest :D besides, we are never too old for Hello Kitty and bows, right? RIGHT!

  14. i'm entering with my first blog post..
    there are so many cute entries...
    good luck everyone!♥

  15. Fun! It sounds like we have a lot of the same likes in nail art! I submitted one of mine that fit the bill perfectly, but it wasn't the only one that did! LOL

  16. Replies
    1. i'm not sure how exactly but i can find out! i can delete it FOR you pretty easily though if you tell me the number of your entry and your email address (so i can confirm it is YOUR entry and not someone elses! haha)

    2. You'll see a little red cross before your name (below your picture) if you click on that you're entry will be deleted.

  17. I love all the entries. Thanks for hosting such a fun contest!

  18. Was there a winner and I missed it?

    1. not yet! it should be up this weekend. i'm sorry for the delay but i had a lot of judges! hehe

    2. I dont blame you. I wouldn't want to make the decision. I had fun. Following a lot of new blogs as a result of it. Thanks for doing it.

  19. Replies
    1. yes!

  20. Check out the Nailasaurus latest blog post . All you have to do is upload a picture of your nail art, the public votes, and the winner gets the Entire Essie Summer Collection!!!