Friday, March 2, 2012

Essence in Canada!

Hey everyone! Today I have a special post for my fellow Canadian ladies.

You may have read this on a few blogs already - Essence is coming to Canada!
Yes, Essence Cosmetics, the cute and inexpensive stuff from Germany that you can get around Europe is going to be sold in Canada, exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

When I read about this last week I literally went to Shoppers right away but I was too early.
However, my Shoppers is now fully stocked!

I went last night and was met with this cute display of their cosmetics and nail polish!
The best thing about it is nothing costs over $4.99. And the polishes are just $1.49!
(Which means you can buy them all and not feel bad about it.)

I totally love the Essence Colour & Go polishes, I find that the formula is always awesome, and the range of colors is great.
The Canadian display doesn't have all the polish colors but there is a very good core line assortment.
I picked up 5 colors that I didn't have already:

Ultimate Pink, Break Through, A Lovely Secret, Space Queen, High Spirits.
I'm a little annoyed about Break Through - you may remember me freaking out about how much I love this color not that long ago in this post, and I was going to get a backup, but sadly the formula has changed and the pretty gold shimmer disappeared! The color is still nice so I picked it up anyway.
A Lovely Secret has some very pretty shimmer which I hope translates onto the nail.

I think I will have all these colors eventually.

Also, another quick complaint - none of the cosmetics are sealed. So there were 2 girls there using everything and even putting it all over one of their boyfriend's faces. I would have told them to stop but they were Asian and not speaking English. I was pretty bummed because I wanted to pick up some mascara but not after they were using all of them! So that was pretty gross. I told the sales associate but I don't think she could really do anything either.

All in all - YAY Essence. I love this cute little bottles and I can't wait to keep expanding my collection.
If these aren't at your Shoppers yet, they should be rolled out everywhere by the end of the month.

Oh, and one more thing I saw at Shoppers:

A new line of Nicole by OPI Texture Coat that I haven't heard of.
I googled the colors and could only find a press release from OPI Japan so I don't know when these will be showing up everywhere, but, these look cool!
There are a bunch of different finishes:
Amethyst Texture - light purple glitter shatter polish
Aquamarine Texture - bright blue glitter shatter
Opal Texture - sheer white shatter with very strong pink flash (this could be cool!)
Quartz Texture - light purple metallic shatter

I didn't pick any of these up because Nicole is way too expensive (especially at Shoppers) but they definitely have potential!


  1. This is sooo unfair :) I live in Denmark, share a border with Germany. Do we have Essence? Noooo :( Stupid-Canada-preferring-Essence :D

  2. I am so excited about this I will be going to shoppers tomorrow for sure!! :)

  3. I am so excited about this I will be going to shoppers tomorrow for sure!! :)

  4. Yay you found it :) I'm hoping to see LE collections soon, as those are more exciting than the core line

  5. the essence stands weren't available at many Targets in my area, but one was put in and it's always almost empty! I think Target themselves seal the bottles and makeup so they're always brand new :)

  6. I've been checking my local SDM's for Essence but no sightings yet...hopefully soon!

  7. It's a smaller sized display from what most stores here have, but I'm glad you can try one of Europe's most beloved (and budget-friendly especially) make-up brands.

    Some stores here put a piece of sellotape to prevent people from opening the products, but our store doesn't (and I'd say the majority don't either). I guess it comes with the territory.
    I'm sure you'll soon be an Essenceaddict, lol.

    Do try the mascaras, they're dirt cheap and work great for everyday looks.

  8. OMG! I'm so excited! I might just have to duck out of work and check shoppers on my lunch! haha

  9. I am *so* envious. I want Essence here too! Grr! :D

  10. What What???
    OMG me = happy!!!!

  11. I love Space Queen! That was one of the first Essence polishes I've ever purchased.

  12. Ahhh this is so exciting! I'll definitely be checking out Shoppers tomorrow!

  13. This is awesome news! I will now have to go stalk Shoppers!!

  14. "A Lovely Secret" looks very pretty! Essence has the best prices.

  15. A Lovely Secret is gorgeous!!! Re those girls, tell them off anyways! They will understand!

  16. I went on Wednesday for one of their 20x points days and was pleasantly surprised to see the display! I limited myself to ust a few (8) but I think I'll be going back for a few more. I'm wondering if some displays have different colours though. That display you have pictured seems to have different ones than mine did.

    1. i went and picked up the rest so i'll do a post right now showing all the colors in my display! and if your display has different ones, i might have to go hunting at all my local shoppers, hahaha!

  17. Awesome! If you like creme liner and love Mac blacktrack fluidline, then you'll LOVE the Essence creme liner. MUCHHHH cheaper and it works just the same, and same consistancy. I live in the US and there was a store that sold this brand and before I moved across the country I bought 3 backups. LOL.
    Just open and check before buying it because of the sealing problem. I wish they would do something about that. Someone's gonna get an eye infection or something from used mascara,etc (or something worse) and then they're gonna think it's the makeup brand itself. =(

    Anyways, of course their polishes are awesome as well.

    1. Ooooh I wonder if they have that product there! I'll have to check. thanks for the heads up!

  18. Jealous! I wish Essence would come to Sweden already. Without the annoying people putting their grubby hands in the make up ;P

  19. A Lovely Secret is one of my new favorite polishes. It's already such a pretty color, and then in addition to the pink shimmer there's like, these flat dark blue flecks throughout it. So it looks really interesting and the formula was very nice too.

  20. hehe i love them to moustly stay with me lipgloss and I stage eyeshadow concealer base gel eyeliners here in poland its also cheep