Saturday, March 31, 2012

Essence Nail Art Twins - Chuck and Blair

Good afternoon all - I hope you're having a better afternoon than I am, because it's snowing here! I've had enough snow. It makes me sad. Bring on the spring!
I'm counting down the days until I get to go on vacation and go to somewhere warm! (23 days!)

Until I get to go away and cheer myself up with some sun, I'll have to cheer myself up with polish. So here's another pretty swatch for you!

Essence Nail Art Twins - Chuck and Blair
Here's the second set of nail art twins I'm going to show you. I think this set might be my least favorite of the four sets I have. It's still great and love it, but the glitter just isn't as satisfying as the others! Haha. 

Chuck and Blair are a couple from the book/TV series, Gossip Girl. I don't watch/read the series but I know who they are because I have some friends who are fans of the series.

Essence - Chuck
Chuck is a cool royal blue creme that has a bit of a dusty feel to it. The formula is great and you can almost get away with one coat but you'll wanna do two for a perfect finish.

Now for the glitter!

Essence - Blair
Blair is a silver glitter topcoat in a clear base. The silver is more of a gunmetal type color, it's darker than usual. There's a bunch of different sizes of the glitter and there's also some small holo glitter mixed in there. 

On certain angles the glitter almost looks black, but if the light hits it, it starts shining.

This is a great set from Essence, as usual!


  1. I like how the glitter can look black and shine in various lighting

  2. I never noticed you're in NFLD! I'm in NS :) yay

    Ps where are you finding the twins series or they ordered? I'm in love with Chuck and Blair on tv and now nails lol

    1. hey, i love hearing from fellow canadians!
      the twins aren't available in canada, i got them from friends around europe. sorry! you can get their Colour and Go line at shoppers though as well as a lot of their makeup line

  3. I'm on the opposite end of Canada and our weather is absolutely horrendous this year too.

    I quite like Chuck in this pairing. Blair isn't really calling to me although I'm sure I'll change my mind about that in a couple hours and it'll suddenly be at the top of my wishlist. LOL. The polish addiction roller coaster.

  4. I love these! Gunmetal glitter? Sign me up.

  5. Haha, this is so funny! I love how they have "couple" names :)

  6. love it..
    my two best friends are like obsess with gossip girl too!!

  7. Oh these are so pretty! I wish we had the Essence polishes more readily available in the US. Ulta is so far away. :(

  8. Such pretty colours. Resembles the characters great too!

  9. I'm lusting after Blair pretty hard right now. Yowza!

  10. Great nails, great nail polish combo :) I wish they were not d/c in my country (Poland), I got only Troy & Gabriella and glitter topper Edward, before I realized that.

    BTW. I really liked Your blog :)

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