Monday, March 26, 2012

Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Collection Mini Set

Hey guys! As promised, here are my swatches of the Sephora by OPI - Betsey Johnson Mini Nail Colour Set.

I ordered this sweet little set from Sephora and it retails for $24.50 in the US or $29 in Canada.
(Again, don't get me started on their stupid markup!)

The set consists of 6 mini polishes - 3 of them are available in full size as well but the other three are only available in this set.

At first I was going to buy two full size polishes but I really wanted the turquoise which is mini-exclusive, plus 2 colors would have been $24 and with the mini set, I get 6 for $29. Yeah they are smaller but hey, am I ever going to use a full bottle? Not likely.
Some of the colors in the set aren't very unique but they are all beautiful, except maybe the red because I don't ever find reds to be beautiful. Red is just... red.

Let's get started!

Sephora by OPI - XOX Betsey
This is hands down my new favorite nude. It's a great 2-coat sandy pink-toned nude that I think works great with my skin tone. I just love it. I love the name too, of course.
The formula was awesome, zero streaking, and I actually really love the brush on these minis.
This is one of the colors I was going to get in full size and that's probably the only thing I regret about getting the mini set. If I happen to find this in full size next month while I'm on vacation, I am not responsible if it comes home with me! That's what vacation is for, right? (Right!)

Sephora by OPI - Alley Cat
This is a bright magenta with very subtle gold shimmer. Very nice shade of pink, it's not the most unique of colors but I am pretty sure I don't have anything similar in my stash. (I could be wrong because I seem to always underestimate my collection of pinks.)
Again the formula is great and covers in 2 coats. I love this color!

Sephora by OPI - Too Too Turq
This is a beautiful shade of shimmering blue-turquoise, again with a great formula that covers in two coats. (Too too coats?)
This is the standout color of the collection for me and it is so lovely. You all know I am addicted to turquoise and teal so of course I love this! This is sadly one of the ones that is only available in the mini set.
It's named after her Too Too fragrance and I think that is too too cute. (I'll stop now.)

Sephora by OPI - Yellow My Name Is Betsey
Okay first of all, great name! Second, this color is not original and it's an exact dupe for Color Club Almost Famous and a handful of other yellows. That being said, this is the only shade of yellow I actually like on nails so props to you, Betsey, for choosing a great shade.
You may remember that I used this shade of yellow in my Betsey Inspired Nails. I know my Betsey!
This is the only color that took 3 coats to cover completely which is the norm for yellows. This is only available in the mini set.

Sephora by OPI - Son Of A Gun
Son Of A Gun is the most unique shade in this collection, I've never seen anything else like it! It's a shimmery gunmetal gray that is blue-toned, more blue than the photos show. If you look at the bottle in my hand, it's closer to that color. The shimmer stands out too much in the photos and takes over the blue.
This is a really cool color, I'm glad the set includes something so different. This one is only available in the mini set.

Sephora by OPI - Pushing Your Luck
This is a candy apple red polish that is, as far as red goes, pretty great. I normally hate red shades like this because they're always a jelly finish and you always see nail line. This one is just opaque enough that with one coat, you can wear it as a jelly, but with 2 coats, you can wear it like a creme.
I also found that this didn't stain my skin the way other red polishes do upon removal.
So for a red, I like this. When I need red, this will probably be my go-to polish because of the formula and the non-staining.

Alright, there you have it!
Overall I would definitely recommend purchasing this mini set if you want to get a taste of what this collection has to offer. The nude, turquoise and magenta are all totally fabulous, the yellow and red are great if you haven't already got those essential shades, and the gray is super unique and different.
And if you love Betsey, then it's all great and you need it just because it's Betsey.
(If you missed it yesterday, don't forget to check out my review of It's My Pink!)

There are 3 colors left in this collection that I don't own - a dark purple, a light blue, and a silver glitter. As I mentioned earlier, I am not responsible for anything that may come home with me from vacation!

XOX Rebecca
(See what I did there?)


  1. red is my fave colour!! but I don't like it on my nails...haha

  2. Rebecca, is it sad that I have been psyched about seeing the swatches for these ever since you mentioned it the other day (a bit of a loser I know lol) so I literally fell off my seat when you posted this!

    And the swatches did not disappoint! I love them all, except the red - its a lovely colour but I have so many reds that I should stop buying them!

    Thanks for the great swatches :)

    Lots of love!! xxx

    1. hahaha that's not sad! :) i'm glad you enjoyed the swatches!!

  3. xox Betsey looks like Zoya Kennedy that I'm wearing just now.....

    1. i'm pretty sure they are very close but i think betsey is just a touch brighter! i don't have kennedy to compare (but i wish i did!)

  4. ugh i should have bought this when i was at sephora the other day. the problem is i don't have one near so to get there is a hassle.

  5. Son of a Gun was the -one- polish I wanted so bad from this collection, but I'm not sure anymore! How many coats of it did you have on for the swatch? I feel like it is too sheer.

    1. i just have on 2 coats so you could get a more opaque look with 3 coats. the formula reminds me of the sparkly zoya colors from last summer, it will always look a LITTLE sheer on certain angles.

  6. This is a fantastic collection - thanks for sharing!

  7. These are sooo pretty! I love XOX Betsey, I think it looks similar to Essie - Barefoot&Topless :) Pretty!

  8. i love all these color! so bright and fun

  9. i love all the colors! :] thanks for sharing.

  10. that IS a great nude - i need to go grab that up. if you love teal, you should consider joining the teal tuesdays group on facebook - every teal we do a "tealicure" challenge!

  11. i love all the colors! but my favorite is the nude one