Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors - U16

Good morning all! I did a bunch of swatching over the weekend so I have a lot of great polishes to show you in the next little while.

Today I'm gonna show you an amazing polish that I got from my friend Ruth in Spain. You may remember I posted before about a polish she sent me - Flormar U33, the beautiful blue/purple duochrome - and today I have another Flormar from the same collection! And dare I say it, this one is even better!

Flormar - U16
I saw just one photo of this on another blog, and I fell in love with it and I said, "damn, I wonder if Ruth can find me that..."
Lucky me, she did! Thank you so much, Ruth!
This polish ended up being like 100 times better than the one photo I saw, so I'm pumped about it.

When you're looking at it directly, this is what it looks like. And I thought this was going to be the only look of the polish because the other blog had not mentioned it being a duochrome.

And then I moved my hand.

Whoa. Full on hot pink sparkling duochrome.
I've always wished for a purple-to-pink duochrome and now I've found it!

This is three coats and it still isn't fully opaque in person so I think you'd want to layer this over a purple when wearing it. The shimmer makes it look opaque in most lights but if you're not catching the light right, you can totally see through it.

As I said, at first you think it's just a purple jelly with crazy blue shimmer and then suddenly, it's totally pink and amazing.

I'm pretty sure I gasped when I saw it. Because I'm really cool. And easily amused.

No matter what way you're looking at it, it's beautiful!

I could only capture the two extremes of the color shift but really there are a bunch of different shades between purple and pink that you see in the transition between colors. I tried taking a video on my iPhone to capture it but it didn't want to cooperate. So use your imagination and imagine just how awesome it is to watch this change colors!

That's all I've got for today! I have some more international swap goodies to show in the next couple of days including some Essence stuff, Barry M, and two adorable polishes from Depend.
Don't you hate it when you have so much cool stuff to show and no patience to wait to show it? Haha!

Have a lovely day!


  1. This is gorgeous!
    I know what you mean about patience, some days I just want to flood my timeline with gorgeousness!

  2. it is super gorgeous i m wondering how to get one

  3. Lol, I have this one and only now realized how awesome it is :D

  4. That's so shiny that it's almost unbelievable! I'm amazed :)

  5. Oh my gosh, that is amazing!!!! I need to find a way to get my hands on this bad boy. I love it!

  6. a great polish from my country Turkey :)

  7. There's only one word to describe this color! PERFECT!

  8. Hi! That polish is awesome!!! :) We love your blog and just wanted to let you know that we nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award -

  9. Is one of my favourite polish at the moment, i simply love it¡¡


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