Sunday, March 4, 2012

Konad M85 + China Glaze Gothic Lolita

Good morning all! Today I have a cool review to show you guys.

Nail Polish Canada is now carrying Konad !
They've got plates, special polish, stamper/scraper sets, starter kits, and more! Totally awesome.
The price on the polish is especially nice because some places charge way too much for special polish! And I've recently come to the realization that special polish is totally worth the money.
One more bright side? NPC is shipping all image plates for free within Canada - with no minimum purchase!

I've got like, a million plates (okay, maybe 120,) but I always find myself reaching for the Konad ones. The images themselves are generally nicer and the quality of the plate is always great. It's not hit or miss like other brands.
Konad knows their stuff. And now Nail Polish Canada is selling their stuff. Yay!

Konad recently released two brand new stamping plates and NPC generously offered to send me one for review!
I had a hard time picking between the two - one had full nail images which I love... but the other had a bow... It was truly a tough choice but I went with the full nail plate, M85.

(I'm sure I'll cave and buy M84 as well. There's a bow you guys! I need it!)

I've decided to do four different posts showcasing the cool images from this plate! (Today, tomorrow, and 2 more next week so you don't get bored.)

Today's look begins with a gorgeous purple from the China Glaze Electropop Collection.

China Glaze - Gothic Lolita
You can also get this on Nail Polish Canada here! NPC has seriously become a one-stop-shop for all your polish needs.

Gothic Lolita is a bright medium purple with very subtle shimmer. Photos show the shimmer much more than you can actually see with the naked eye. Shimmer or no shimmer, it's a great color.

Let the stamping begin!

I stamped from Konad M85 with China Glaze Millennium, and added an accent nail of China Glaze Marry A Millionaire.
This image transferred perfectly 8 times in a row to complete both hands, no fussing and no messing it up.

I had some patchy sunlight coming in a window when I took these photos so they didn't turn out the way I hoped, but I think they still show off this awesome image!

I got a ton of compliments on this mani. More than I have in a long time. Konad definitely did good with this image, it's very eye-catching.

Make sure to come back tomorrow, when I will show you another great mani using M85! It might even be better than this one.
And make sure to check out all the great Konad stuff on Nail Polish Canada.
Have a lovely day!

Plate provided for honest review.


  1. oooh i love this!! looks awesome

  2. Hadn't been terribly impressed with Gothic Lolita, but it looks great on you! Also, thanks so much for the Essence heads-up! I've got my mom on the lookout for me now.

  3. Cute! I also agree with you about konad being better quality than most.
    By the way I just started following you! And just started a blog after being inspired by you. :)

  4. ooo...super pretty. i suck at stamping.

  5. didnt know millennium was such a good stamping polish, thanks for sharing (=

  6. I just recently got into the stamping and have become addicted to the Konad plates. I've only got about 35 nail polishes in my collection but I'm working on it. :) You are such an inspiration and I am super jealous of some of the colors you have. (Mainly Gosh Holo) :p

  7. ACK, this makes me want to try stamping again!

  8. Wow! I am definitely in love with this stamp and will be getting it.